The 10 Most Useful Travel Apps

The 10 Most Useful Travel Apps | Editor: Florian Lieke

Beat your jet lag as quickly as possible, always find the right hotel or communicate in any other language without problems? These 10 travel apps make it possible!


1. Travel inspiration from Lonely Planet

Are you still undecided where you want to go on your next trip? Are you looking for inspiration? Or maybe you just don’t feel like dragging a suitcase full of different guides around while supposedly travelling light? If any of these sounds like you, the new Lonely Planet app is a must! Long famed for its comprehensive and highly informative print travel guides, the Australian guide is now available in app form too. From Amsterdam to Zurich, the Lonely Planet app offers a wealth of well-researched, genuinely useful information about the tourist attractions, restaurants and bars you need to see in the world’s most distinctive cities - insider tips included.


You can get hold of the Lonely Planet app free of charge, in a variety of different languages. The Guide can be used on both iPhones and Android devices.

Man standing in front of mountains
Couple using Austrian App

2. Book your flights with the Austrian app

Most journeys begin with booking our flight, of course - and the Austrian app offers the ideal way of finding exactly the right flight for your next holiday. That’s not all the app does, however: it also gives you everything you will need to know about your Austrian flight and numerous Austrian services. The Austrian app lets you check in online, book your flights and pull up your departure and arrival information - offering you the flexibility you need, wherever you are and whenever you want it.


The app is available free of charge, and can be used with both Android and iPhone.

3. Book the perfect accommodation with

After you’ve booked your flight, the next choice you’re going to need to make is usually your accommodation. And with the vast range of different hotels and websites to trawl your way through nowadays, that’s not going to be so easy. Our top tip for finding the right accommodation, however, is This website and app isn’t just usable as a booking platform; it also offers direct comparisons between prices and conditions in different areas of the city you’re visiting. You can customise your search for the perfect place to stay on your next holiday, using filter and map functions. You can even use the app to transfer your booking times into the calendar - and you no longer need a printout of your confirmation.

Insider tip: if you book your next trip via the following link, you’ll get even better offers, and can earn extra air miles as well.


The app is also available free of charge, and can be used on Android and Apple devices.

View of a hotel room
Woman packs her suitcase

4. Relax when packing your bags with travel packing list Pack The Bag

The travel packing list: if you’ve ever written such a list, however, you’ll know it can often become incredibly long - only to realise you’ve actually forgotten something hugely important by the time you finish. Now, however, the Pack The Bag travel packing list is there to help counteract this chaos. The app contains any number of ready-made packing lists, specially designed to work for the different needs of different types of journey. You can bolt on any items you may wish to customise your lists, of course, but using their suggestions as a basis makes that endless deliberation considerably simpler. The app doesn’t just provide you with inspiration, however; it’s also great when it comes to the organisational side of things. You’ll get support with timing your trips perfectly, tucking things away in your bags most effectively, and how to keep control of your cases at all times.


The free Pack The Bag app is currently only available for iOS.

5. Beat jetlag before it even kicks in - with Timeshifter

Jetlags can be an odd thing; some of us seem immune to it for some reason, while others suffer from it horribly throughout their travels. If this second category sounds more like you, then the Timeshifter app is there to help you by offering travellers moving between time zones recommendations as to how to regulate their behaviour before, during and after a flight in order to avoid the consequences of jetlag. Even the Wall Street Journal describes the app as an “indispensable app for all business travellers”. What do you have to do to access this new service? Practically nothing. Just download the app, enter your travel data (leaving sufficient time before your day of departure), sit back and let the app do the rest. No more jetlag? Sounds like a plan!


Timeshifter is available for both Android and iOS.

Man sleeping in Business Class
View of My Currency App

6. Stay on top of things at all times with My Currency

Any successful journey has to be well planned, of course - and your budget is going to play a major role in helping you do that. That can be particularly difficult, however, when the currency you need to get your head around all of a sudden is not your own. The My Currency app helps ensure you don’t lose sight of the bigger picture when spending money abroad. With details of around 180 currencies, the app can be used to convert these into your own currency at the touch of a button (even offline), so you get a real feeling for the money in your pocket. These days, the calculator even includes bitcoins and precious metals.


The My Currency app can be downloaded free of charge for both iPhone and Android.

7. Communicate smoothly when travelling – with Point It

Even if you speak one or two foreign languages, sooner or later your travels are bound to put you in a situation where you’re just lost for words. One app that you’ll find particularly helpful at those moments is Point It. All you need do is open the app, search the right picture, show it to your counterpart, and he or she will immediately know and understand what you’re trying to say. Communication has never been this easy!


For just over three euros, you can install the Point It app on both your iPhone and Android device.

Two girls using Point It App
View of a compass

8. Know where you’re going at all times with MAPS.ME

Which of us hasn’t experienced it at some time in the past? You’re standing in a foreign country, with no reception, and can no longer find the road you need. Even though Google Maps is usually a trusted companion on trips, the app can’t be used offline. Now, however, there’s a new app to help with this potential problem: MAPS.ME. With this app, you can download maps of your travel destination before your holiday, so you’re always on the safe side. There are no restrictions on the app, with maps available for anywhere in the world, and you can check out information about towns, museums and tourist attractions and much more besides online.


MAPS.ME can be downloaded free for Android and iOS.

9. Make the right choice every time with TripAdvisor

Which local restaurants will be right for you? Where are the best bars in town, and where can you dance the night away? The app with the best answers to these and other travel-related questions is usually TripAdvisor. No matter whether you’re looking for a recommendation of a hotel, restaurant, tourist attraction, tour or something else, TripAdvisor gathers together the experiences of its vast numbers of users, then goes on to use these to create a ranking, which serves as the perfect advisor – whatever and wherever your holiday takes you.


Both iPhone and Android users can download and use the TripAdvisor app free of charge.

Woman using TripAdvisor App
Woman holding postcard in Venice

10. Individualised holiday greetings with MyPostcard

We all love to receive holiday greetings from our nearest and dearest in exotic climes, and for many people, a quick trip only becomes a true travel experience once postcards have been sent back home. But how to recreate this experience to be more special still? With the MyPostcard app! From now on, you can select your own customised greeting. Just upload the image you want into the app, input the text, and you’re good to go.


The MyPostcard app is available for iOS and Android. Each card costs EUR 1.99, including the cost of postage.

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