12 things you have to know about our Embraer jets!

Six of our 17 new Embraer 195 are already up and flying for Austrian Airlines. Time to take a closer look at the newest additions to our fleet with you:


1. In June 2015, the Austrian Airlines supervisory board approved the purchase of 17 type Embraer 195 aircrafts all in perfect condition, with a list price of almost 900 million US dollars.

2. The first Embraer 195 of Austrian Airlines given the name “ Central Europe ” took off from Vienna Airport on January 4, 2016 operating under flight number OS 177. The initial flight was destined for Stuttgart. The jet with the registration OE-LWD is the first of a total of 17 Embraer aircraft which will be operated by Austrian Airlines by the end of 2017 as part of its fleet renewal program.

3. The Embraer jets consume about 18 percent less fuel per aircraft seat than the Fokker, and are thus much more environmentally compatible.

4. The Embraer fleet is beautiful and excels with its advanced design . (And its cabin, which has been equipped with two seating rows, is especially spacious and bestows the passenger with a feeling of space thanks to its ergonomic design.)

5. Seriously, it’s really pretty .

6. To ensure for proper maintenance and service of the Embraer fleet, more than 80 Austrian Airlines technicians must be trained to meet the requirements of this aircraft type and will receive an official certification.

7. For service and security related purposes on board, 600 flight attendants will be trained to comply with the requirements of the new aircrafts. Additional training for already qualified flight attendants will encompass four days per flight attendant.

8. At airports in Austria and abroad, a further 700 Austrian Airlines employees must be trained for work with the new Embraer fleet. Guidelines and regulations must be learned and documented, loading regulations and loading plans must be publicized.

9. Pilot training for the new Embraer fleet is a huge challenge. A total of 102 captains and 95 co-pilots will be trained to meet the new fleet’s requirements . This intensive training programme will encompass numerous months, and be completed mainly in Vienna.

10. There are simulators for many aircraft types . Of course there’s one for our Embraer too. A simulator weighs appr. 15 tons!

11. In April 2016, an Embraer simulator from Swiss Aviation Training (SAT) was relocated from Munich to Vienna in order to train Austrian Airlines pilots to fly the Embraer aircraft. The Embraer simulator has been in full operation since May 19, 2016, which means that round the clock trainings are taking place for the new type of aircraft used in the Austrian Airlines fleet.

12. When it comes to basic Embraer flight training, every pilot must absolve 80 hours within the flight simulator . Following this, every six months, the pilots take part in recurrent training – a form of further training compulsory for maintaining the pilot’s license to fly.

Embraer 195LR OE-LWA Austrian Airlines departing Manchester Airport Apr 2016 #avgeek #MAN

Gepostet von Avgeek Mel Aviation Photography am Sonntag, 1. Mai 2016

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