4 reasons to travel in our Premium Economy Class

Are you planning a very special journey far away and already want to relax above the clouds? This week we will give you four good reasons why a trip in our Premium Economy Class is worthwhile.


#1 More Room to Relax

Even before boarding, you can enjoy the benefits of your Premium Economy Class boarding pass. This gives you access to our Austrian Lounges at Vienna Airport at a reduced price. You can book it online 47 hours before departure or decide for it spontaneously at the airport.

When boarding, you will notice that our Premium Economy Class is located in a separate area between our Economy Class and our Business Class. In the comparatively small Premium Economy Class you will find a relaxed atmosphere, as there are 18 or 24 seats depending on the type of aircraft.


Speaking of seats, our seats in Premium Economy Class are wider and therefore offer more seating space than those in Economy Class. Thanks to the specially designed backrests, you can also lean back further and travel even more comfortable. Each seat is also equipped with a power outlet and a USB port so you can charge your own devices on the go.

#2 Double baggage allowance

Our Premium Economy Class is represented on all our long-haul flights. On long journeys, you can bring your own sports equipment or simply pack more so that you are prepared for every situation. For this reason, Premium Economy Class passengers may check-in 2 x 23 kg luggage at no extra charge.


#3 Delicacies above the clouds

We are convinced that food onboard should not only satisfy hunger but also put a smile on your face. You should relax high above the clouds and enjoy the best catering. That's why DO & CO prepares the meals in its kitchens before departure, so you can put together a three- to four-course menu on board, served by our charming flight attendants.

Did you know that Skytrax awarded us the title "Best Premium Economy Class Airline Catering 2019"? Well, if that's no reason to try our award-winning catering on your next flight!

→ Would you like to find out more about DO & CO Catering? We'll take you behind the scenes.

#4 Attention to Detail

Our Premium Economy Class has been roaming the skies since spring 2018. We've shown you some reasons for travelling in this special class, but in reality, there are many more. Above all, we don't want to leave the attention to detail unmentioned in our list.

Our flight attendants are always ready to take care of you and welcome you after boarding with a refreshing welcome drink and a warm towel. On your seat, you will find an amenity kit with practical accessories that can also be used on other journeys.


If you want to watch a series or a film on the 12" screens or simply listen to the sounds of classical music, you will find noise-cancelling headphones at every seat in our Premium Economy Class.

Would you like to find out more about our Premium Economy Class? Take a virtual tour of the cabin and discover the many advantages for yourself.

Are you ready to start your next holiday relaxed on the plane?

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