5 Amazing City Trips for Your Next Weekend Break

As the temperature starts to drop outside, and the leaves change into a thousand beautiful new colours, it’s clear a new time of year is upon us – the city trip season! In today’s blog, we reveal some well-known destinations – and some lesser known ones too – that would be perfect for that weekend break in Europe this autumn.


Hip, hipper – Berlin

There is simply no city more exciting or more worth living in than Berlin for many people. And in autumn, in particular, the German capital is at the very top of our list of great weekend destinations.

When the days start to get shorter again and cool down, it’s actually the perfect time for a voyage of discovery through Berlin’s hip café and restaurant scene . Our tip: be sure to try the home-made waffles at Kauf dich Glücklich Café on Oderbergerstraße, or get hold of a window seat at one of the Spreegold bars and watch the hustle and bustle of Berliners passing by outside.

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Any walkers amongst you will also find wonderful routes in Berlin. You can stretch your legs in the bright autumnal leaves at Großer Tierpark , or in the grounds of now-closed Tempelhof Airport .

Lovers of graffiti and street art will also find exactly what they’re looking for in Berlin. The Kreuzberg, Mitte and Friedrichshain districts are home to some of the most beautiful works by artists from around the world.

Don’t miss these things in Berlin

  1. Walk underneath Brandenburg Gate
  2. Admire Berlin from above at Berlin’s television tower “Alex”
  3. Remember history at the Holocaust Memorial
  4. Discover modern artworks at the East Side Gallery
  5. Wander along the banks of the River Spree
pavel nekoranec berlin

Charming Florence

You’ll find the deeply historic city of Florence surrounded by the gently rolling hills and vineyards of Tuscany . Its combination of cobblestone streets, gardens with high cypress trees, terracotta-coloured roofs, first-class museums and a cathedral to make the hearts of photographers miss a beat makes Florence a highlight of la Bella Italia.

The city attracts visitors of all ages, winning them over with its charming manner, outstanding cuisine and proximity to the vineyards of Tuscany. The emphasis on dolce vita is particularly strong here.

Things not to miss while in Florence

  1. Taking countless photos of Florence Cathedral
  2. Admiring works of art by Old Masters at the Uffizi
  3. Watching the world go by on the Ponte Vecchio
  4. Recharging your batteries in the Boboli Gardens
  5. Indulging in the Italian cuisine
domenico loia florence

Black Sea, please! Let’s go to Varna!

Bulgaria’s top coastal resort city Varna is always worth a visit – and not just in the hot summer months. Varna is also often said to be the loveliest town on the Black Sea coast – and not without good reason!

varna 1686883 1920

In Varna’s town centre , you can explore the excavations of ancient Roman bathhouses , relax in the verdant Primorski Park , or enjoy fresh fish at one of the restaurants with their views of the Black Sea .


Nearby Varna, the so-called Stone Forest (‘Pobiti Kamani’) extends across an area of around seven square kilometres.  The natural rock formations here look like they’ve been rammed into the ground by giants, and you have the feeling of being at the heart of a fantasy world.

In Varna? Don’t miss this…

  1. Go for just one more dip in the sea this year
  2. Imagine the Roman bathhouses in their prime
  3. Wander along the coast in Primorski Park
  4. Dream of long-forgotten times in the Stone Forest
  5. Explore Aladzha Monastery
Varna Austrian Airlines

Stone Forest

In love with Venice

The one thing we always recommend people do – especially if those people happen to be falling in love at the time – is to take an autumn couple’s break to Venice . Venice is made special by its narrow alleyways, ancient façades, picturesque canals and countless bridges, of course – and these unique aspects of the place have ensured the city has stood for romance since time began.

While the tourist crowds descend upon Venice in the summer months, and it’s hard to even move, let alone fall in love, the city gets much quieter when autumn comes. Early in the morning, you’ll have St. Mark’s Square completely to yourself, and you can get lost in the maze of streets easily. To recharge your batteries after doing so, we advise you stop off briefly at Gelato di Natura , and choose some of your favourite flavours from their vast selection.

Things not to miss in Venice

  1. Have St. Mark’s Square all to yourself early in the morning
  2. Explore the canals from another angle in a gondola
  3. Find the loveliest of all those bridges
  4. Admire the Grand Canal
  5. Let yourself be enchanted by the Doge’s Palace
venedig kanal venice canals

Just switch off and enjoy Sibiu

If we had to describe Sibiu in a word, it would be comfy . The numerous cafés and bars in the centre of Hermannstadt , as Sibiu is also called, are enticing, with their regional specialities. Our tip: the cellar restaurant Crama Sibiul Vechi .

The best way to discover the Old Town is by taking extended walks . Keep your eyes open at all times for charming side streets and pastel-coloured house facades . If you want to take a bird’s eye view of the town, try climbing the steeple of the Evangelical Lutheran Cathedral .

sibiu 1540545 1920

Sibiu from above

You could also spend a bit longer in Sibiu, and use the town as a starting-point for day-trips to the wider local area. We recommend you take a look at the small towns of Sighisoara and Braşov . If you want to go up into the mountains, don’t miss out on the very winding Transfagarasan Road through the Carpathians .

Things not to miss in Sibiu

  1. Cross the Bridge of Lies and decide whether or not to believe the legends
  2. Round off the day in comfort at one of the bars on the Großer Ring
  3. Climb the steeple of the Evangelical Lutheran Cathedral
  4. Explore the pastel-coloured alleyways and streets
  5. Contemplate the carpenters’ and potters’ towers
sibiu 1540549 1920

Old Town Sibiu

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