7 Dream Destinations around the World

What turns a destination into a dream destination? What do you think? Is it those white sandy beaches, palm trees blowing in the wind – or possibly some adventures? In this week’s blog story, we let you in on seven wonderful destinations where you could make all your travel dreams come true!



How to describe the Seychelles archipelago in just a couple of words? It’s certainly not easy… Try a dreamlike paradise in the Indian Ocean! The Seychelles have far more to them than ‘just’ snow-white, endless beaches , however. Which is why you can also spend your days here exploring hiking paths , strolling through small galleries , or working on your handicap on the beautiful golf courses .

Here’s what makes the Seychelles a dream destination:

  1. 115 idyllic islands, each one of them offering a truly unique experience.
  2. Crystal-clear water as far as the eye can see.
  3. Exotic and outstanding cuisine.
  4. The fascinating underwater world here – it really doesn’t matter whether you prefer snorkelling or diving; if underwater is your thing, the Seychelles are the place for you.
  5. Luxury bungalows boasting 360° sea views!

Check out this link to our blog post about the Seychelles, as close a thing to Paradise as you’ll find down here on Earth.


New York City

Simply put, New York City is a place you have to experience yourself: get lost in the urban jungle and discover the most wonderful corners in the Big Apple.  While doing so , find the most impressive museums , and get to know the tastiest restaurants . The City That Never Sleeps is also a paradise if you’re collecting hip photos for Instagram!

Here’s what makes New York City a dream destination:

  1. Culinary specialities like Cronuts and gigantic milkshakes.
  2. World-famous musicals on Broadway. This is where you’ll really find stars on stage!
  3. Alternatively, you can enjoy lovely long walks, a boat ride or some open-air theatre in Central Park.
  4. Shopping? Head to Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s and to the very hippest shops in Sohos.
  5. Urbane lifestyle with a powerfully varied feel.
New York City7
New York City4
New York City2
New York City5


Chicago is the sort of place you’ll find yourself feeling at home immediately; the city’s numerous green spaces and on-the-waterfront location are by far the best examples of this. Chicago also has plenty to offer on the culinary side of things: 25 of the city’s restaurants have been awarded Michelin stars . Alternatively, like so many visitors to Chicago before you, you may fall in love with the Deep Dish Pizza , which has its home there. We were particularly impressed by the pizzas at Gino’s East and Lou Malnati’s .

Here’s what makes Chicago a dream destination:

  1. Breathtaking design: the city’s world-famous skyline includes some of the most impressive works of architecture anywhere in the US.
  2. Lovers of water sports will find exactly what they’re looking for on Lake Michigan.
  3. Experience the 3-times-over award-winning cuisine at the Restaurant Alinea .
  4. The city’s combination of modernity and nature fascinates visitors.
  5. Chicago has its own special charm in summer and winter alike – ensuring it lives up to its nickname, “The Windy City”.


In Toronto, it’s easy to forget you’re actually in Canada’s biggest city. This is because its captivating and charming city centre districts give off a very different impression: this is the sort of place you really can get comfortable! And if lavish brunches and hip coffee houses are what you’re about, you’ll find what you’re looking for and more in Toronto.

Here’s what makes Toronto a dream destination:

  1. A beautifully balanced combination of city and nature.
  2. Deluxe sunsets: for particularly lovely views of these, check out the rooftop restaurants downtown.
  3. It’s the perfect city for bar-hopping.
  4. It’s also a great starting point for a legendary road trip through Ontario so you can discover the beauty of Canada!
  5. Cultural wealth, and a vast range of different leisure options.

The Maldives

The Maldives are an oasis for love-struck couples and lovers of luxury in general: the sandy beaches here are as white as fresh coconut milk, the surrounding waters of the Indian Ocean are home to the most brightly-coloured fish , and you can spend all day ‘just hanging’ in a hammock behind the shady palms . The Maldives really are an amazing place in this world!

This is what makes the Maldives a dream destination:

  1. Summer temperatures 365 days a year!
  2. The Maldives are a true Paradise for divers and lovers of other water sports.
  3. Sun-worshippers will find what they’ve been looking for in the country’s 19 amazing groups of islands.
  4. Pure luxury, with a calm, laid-back atmosphere and unique service.
  5. Pure white sandy beaches – and turquoise blue water, the likes of which you will never have experienced before.

We reveal more about the Maldives to you in this blog post!



China’s capital city is a mixture of remnants of a long-gone era, traditions and the present day. It’s not just the cuisine that’s fantastic, also the countless temples, palaces and spacious parks . So make sure you have enough storage space on your mobile or camera – you’re going to be taking a lot of photographs!

This is what makes Beijing a dream destination:

  1. Discover cultural treasures on almost every street corner.
  2. Admire wonders of the world and let yourself be mesmerised.
  3. Shrouded in legend, deeply historic – and yet incredibly modern.
  4. Let yourself fall in love with Chinese cuisine.
  5. Visit the city’s traditional markets looking for bargains.

Click here for more tips for doing Beijing!


Cape Town

Cape Town is one of the world’s most diverse cities. A buzzing metropolis surrounded by breathtaking feats of nature – thanks to the wide range of different experiences it offers, the South African harbour city attracts travellers from everywhere. You like adventures? Find out more about Cape Town adventurous side.

This is what makes Cape Town a dream destination:

  1. You certainly won’t be bored: lovers of extreme sports will find what they’re looking for in Cape Town!
  2. South African wine is world famous and tastes amazing.
  3. Majestic Table Mountain, with its unrivalled views far into the distance.
  4. Beautiful animals: in and around Cape Town, you can observe penguins, elephants, buffalo, lions and leopards.
  5. It makes the perfect starting point to discover South Africa.
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