7 Tips for Sleeping On Long-Haul Flights

7 Tips for Sleeping On Long-Haul Flights | Editor: Florian Lieke

Do you have problems falling asleep on long-haul flights? The following 7 tips will help you get a good sleep during your next flight!

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1. Good Pre-Flight Planning

In order to avoid stress on long-haul flights and to get to the relaxed part of the journey more quickly, you can even take some measures before the flight. When booking your flight, you should ideally always choose a travel time that suits your sleep pattern. Avoiding stopovers can also contribute to a restful sleep. With Austrian Airlines, you can fly non-stop to many long-haul destinations and you don't have to worry about stopovers and transfers during the flight. For additional stress relief, we recommend planning your airport transfer in advance so that you only have to get on board and quickly move on to the relaxed part of the flight.

2. Comfortable Clothes for the Flight

Arrive relaxed at your destination - even after a long-haul flight? The right outfit makes it possible! A tux, tight jeans or uncomfortable shirts are out of place. Put on comfortable shoes that you can slip out of if necessary, choose comfortable trousers, such as chinos, jeggins or cloth pants, and use the so-called "onion look". It can get quite cold during arrival and departure as well as during the flight. But the onion look is also suitable for covering up. Scarves or cardigans can be quickly transformed into a blanket.


Are you looking for the perfect long-haul outfit? In this article we will reveal more about that!

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3. Choosing the Right Seat on Board

The basic prerequisite for a restful sleep on long-haul flights is the selection of the right seat. The window seat is best suited for this. While you may have to get up on the middle and aisle seats, you will be least disturbed when sitting at the window. You can also expect a lot of activity when sitting close to the toilet. The rearmost seats also prove to be less optimal for a restful sleep in many airplanes. In some aircraft, the backrests cannot be adjusted. The front seats can interfere due to food preparation, but often provide more legroom.

4. Must-Haves for Long-Haul Flights

Not just the overall travel plans should be well considered, but also the hand luggage. A few things can help you to get a good sleep on the plane. In any case, earplugs should not be missing in order to suppress the noise level. If you are sensitive to light, we recommend - quite clearly - the typical sleep mask. For a comfortable positioning of your head, the neck pillow should not be missing at the end.


In our Premium Economy Class and Business Class you will receive a practical Amenity Kit with helpful items such as earplugs, sleeping mask and so on.

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5. Nutrition Before and During the Flight

Not only in everyday life, but also during the flight, the following applies: Healthy nutrition is the be-all and end-all! For a restful sleep you should already try to eat as balanced as possible before the flight, so that the body is not additionally burdened during the flight. You should also avoid caffeinated and highly sugared drinks, as these remain longer in the bloodstream and can disturb the sleep rhythm. The same applies to alcohol and should be consumed in moderation or before the flight. If you get hungry during the flight, you can fall back on light food. In addition, you should drink enough water to sleep relaxed and soundly.

6. Suitable Entertainment Programme for the Flight

If our tips do not work right away, you can also take advantage of our entertainment programme. With our on-board entertainment, we offer approximately 350 hours of video and audio entertainment and you can let yourself get carried away during the flight. Reading can also help you to get to sleep faster. If you don't have any suitable literature with you, you can use our eJournals and choose between numerous national and international daily newspapers and magazines.


Learn more about our entertainment on board.

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7. Get Upgraded

Do you already know our Premium Economy Class and Business Class? In both booking classes you can experience the highest level of comfort and optimise your sleeping experience. With a much wider seat width and a 40° tilt angle, the Premium Economy Class seat offers an extra comfortable travel experience. A footrest provides additional comfort. In our Business Class, the cosy high-tech seat awaits you, which can be converted into a bed with a length of almost two metres within seconds. Last but not least, the integrated massage function contributes to absolute relaxation. If you have already booked your next flight in Economy Class, you can find out more about upgrade options here. Upgrading is worth it!

Relaxed Take-off With Austrian Airlines

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