7 Trend Destinations for 2019 that inspire your Wanderlust

New Year again – and that means new destinations! Where will you be heading in 2019? In today’s blog, we’ve gathered some of 2019’s trendiest destinations to add to your bucket list – so read on, and be inspired!


Trend Destination Lodz: Industrial Chic with a Twist of Colour

It’s just under 140 km from Warsaw to Lodz. Little more than a short hop, in other words – and one you should totally make time for! Once a hub of heavy industry, these days Lodz attracts visitors with its excellent breakfast cafés, including Café Montag , and is a popular destination amongst aficionados of street art . Internationally renowned artists have definitely left their mark in Lodz, which we like all the more! These traces are not always quite so easy to find as you might expect, however – so think of your visit to Lodz as a kind of scavenger hunt, and you’ll enjoy your visit all the more!

Our favourite places to visit in Lodz include the mirrored alleyway of Pasaz Rozy and revitalised industrial district of Manufaktura , with its endless shopping and entertainment options.

lodz trendziel 2019

Red-brick chic: the Manufaktura district of Lodz

Trend Destination Mauritius: Paradise for Connoisseurs of Good Living

If there’s one destination that resembles how we would imagine the Garden of Eden to be, then it just has to be Mauritius. The tropical island in the Indian Ocean is a genuine paradise – and if you really know how to enjoy the good life, then you’ll feel especially at home here. On the one hand, you can lie back and relax on the beautiful beaches and watch the brightly-coloured underwater world while you snorkel by ; on the other, you’ll always be inspired by the island’s world-famous cuisine . All those different influences, from India, Africa, France and China add up to guaranteed explosions of flavour!


Our favourite places in Mauritius include the large market in Port Louis , home to countless spots occupied by street traders selling fresh mangoes, bananas and pineapples. When we feel like relaxing, we like to head for the island’s stunning beaches to take some time out – Mont Choisy Beach and Blue Bay are two of our favourites , but the list is endless!

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Trend Destination Los Angeles: Something for Absolutely Everyone

The more often we visit Los Angeles, the more we grow to love the city on the Californian coast , and we are constantly discovering new nooks and crannies to inspire us. L.A. doesn’t just make the perfect starting point for that epic road trip across California, however; it also has a super-lively street art scene, amusement parks aimed at young and old such as Universal Studios , and a vast array of hiking paths on its doorstep, in Griffith Park .

los angeles wings

The ‘angel’s wings’ are a common motif in L.A.’s street art scene.

Los Angeles

The breathtaking view of Downtown L.A. from Griffith Observatory.

Our favourite spots in Los Angeles would undoubtedly include the culinary delights at Grand Central Market, The Broad museum of contemporary art , and the spectacular panoramic view of Downtown L.A. from the platform at Griffith Observatory .

Trend Destination Paris: Long Walks and Museum-Hopping

Where would we be without Paris, the City of Love? Even though there’s so much just waiting to be discovered in the French capital, we continuously catch ourselves wandering from amazing museum to museum and hopping from one gallery to the next. The art scene in Paris is in a league of its own ; you’ll be hard-pushed to find anything quite this good anywhere else on Earth. We love starting off days there in a comfortable Parisian café , before starting out on foot to admire the masterpieces and exhibitions spanning so many artistic epochs.

Paris 2019 Trendziel louvre

Paris 2019 Trendziel Louvre

Paris Trendziel 2019
Paris 36 Stunden3
Paris 36 Stunden4

When we’re out and about in Paris, we particularly like going to the Musée de l’Armée, Louvre , Centre Pompidou and Musée d’Orsay .

Trend Destination Zadar: A Comfortable Atmosphere, Seconds from the Sea

Dubrovnik and Split are the best-known jewels of Croatia’s amazing coastline – in 2019, though, we think you should learn to love the nearby port town of Zadar too! Zadar can be reached quickly and easily from Split Airport by car (two hours tops); even the motorway, which hugs the Dalmatian coastline, is a beautiful experience! The island of Murter and national parks at Kornati and Krka are all well worth a visit, and should all be on your to-do list.

The perfect time of year to visit Zadar is in spring or autumn , when temperatures are pleasantly warm, and just right for discovering the narrow backstreets of the old town. These can get a bit confusing, admittedly, and it’s easy to get lost – but isn’t that part of the fun at great destinations?

Zadar Trend Destination
Zadar Trend 2019

Zadar’s old town and promenade, and a view of The Greeting of the Sun and the Sea Organ.

At Narodni Trg (‘People’s Square’), you can sit under sunshades at street cafés, enjoy Croatian delicacies such as pancakes, and take in the view of the historic buildings.

Our favourite places in Zadar include the so-called ‘ Sea Organ ’, which emits sounds thanks to the movement of the waves! Sitting here and watching the last rays of the sun disappear below the horizon can be a truly magical experience. Next to the sea organ, meanwhile, is another art installation, the light show The Greeting to the Sun. The circular outdoor space boasts a diameter 22 metres wide, and lights up in a vast range of different patterns at sunset. A spine-tingling reason to stay awhile, watch and enjoy.

Trend Destination Montréal: The Metropolis for those who Enjoy

We’re counting the days until our service to the Canadian city of Montréal takes to the skies for the first time, so we can introduce you all to our latest new destination. The city’s soothing green spaces and countless coffee houses and restaurants are the main reason for its relaxed atmosphere.

Sports fans also get their money’s worth in Montréal : while visiting, make sure you check out the Montréal Canadiens – cheering them on with all your heart, of course – as they send the puck whizzing across the ice at an home ice hockey match . #GoHabsGo!

Montreal reisen4
Montreal reisen3
Montreal reisen2

Our favourite spots in Montréal include Mont Royal, with its walking paths and unbeatable view across the city , and the promenade along the bank of the St. Lawrence River.

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Trend Destination Jordan: Home to Adventurers

Jordan is, and will always be, one thing above all else – an amazingly varied mix! This is a place where millennia of history collide with modernity, creating the perfect playground for adventurers: whether you want to hike across the red desert scenery of Wadi Rum , marvel at the multi-coloured undersea landscapes at Aqaba , or explore the rock city of Petra for days on end , the activities are unlimited.

Petra Jordanien

Our favourite places in Jordan include its canyon-like wadis, the Dead Sea , and the thermal springs at Ma’in.

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