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A Degree for Takeoff: AIRcelerate | Editor: Florian Lieke

Combining study and practice at Austrian Airlines? AIRcelerate makes it possible! Julia and Leah reveal more about the programme here.


Study and Practice in One: AIRcelerate at Austrian Airlines


At the beginning of 2018, we have started an exciting new chapter in our lives: The dual study programme "AIRcelerate" at Austrian Airlines. We started our training at the University of Applied Sciences in Worms in March 2018, where we gained insights into general economics and business administration in the first semester and were also able to learn some of the basics of the aviation industry. The first few months in Worms flew by and we could hardly wait to see what would await us in Vienna in the first part of our practical training. The concrete structure and procedure of the practical phase depends mainly on the focus you have chosen: AIRcelerate Operations or AIRcelerate Commercial.

AIRcelerate Commercial Schedule


Our first tasks of the internship were assigned to us in the head office. We gained an insight into the fields of pricing and capacity management. We were able to take part in numerous trainings, courses and workshops to facilitate our entry into the aviation industry: From NDC (New Distribution Capability), over Bidprice and BDAF (the connections between pricing and capacity steering), to Upselling, everything was included. It was particularly exciting to directly put into practice, what I had learnt at university and to supply my own first analyses and conclusions bit by bit.

AIRcelerate Team with flight attendants
AIRcelerate Team in Head Office

Jobrotation at AIRcelerate Commercial


Two of our colleagues supported the sales department. Both experienced the importance of good customer care and foresighted thinking in a sales strategy and the commitment with which their colleagues act as brand ambassadors. During a one-week job rotation, both also got to know the facets of the marketing department. In addition, both were taken to a sales promotion event in Bratislava to provide local support.

Special Tasks at AIRcelerate Commercial


Of all our tasks, boarding at the gate was probably the most special one. "Servus and welcome on board of your flight to New York City." In the beginning it took us a lot of courage to make an announcement in front of 300 people, but after the second attempt, it was a lot of fun. In consultation with the crew, cleaning staff and ramp agents, we prepared the boarding of the passengers at the gate. Of course, the communication with the passengers was also very important.

Did you know that the fuselage of a Boeing 737 has the same diameter as the engine of a Boeing 777?

AIRcelerate Operations Schedule


During the ten weeks of our practical phase, we focused on the tasks of the Ground Operations department. We were mainly deployed as check-in and boarding agents to get to know the procedures on the ground. For this purpose, each of us was accompanied by a trainer for the first week to provide us with assistance. We soon realized that an exciting, but also challenging time was waiting for us.

AIRcelerate Team at Vienna International Airport
AIRcelerate Team at Check-in

Main Tasks at AIRcelerate Operations


As Passenger Service Agents we mainly worked at the check-in counters at the airport. Our tasks included welcoming passengers, comparing passport data, weighing suitcases and printing tickets. We noticed that being at the airport can be quite stressful for some people, but we enjoyed interacting and supporting the passengers.

Insights at AIRcelerate Operations


During our exciting, challenging and instructive time at Austrian Airlines, we were able to gain a good insight into the day-to-day business and the daily procedures of our future workplace. With many personal stories from individual passengers, shared experiences and a wealth of experience, we are now leaving Vienna for the next semester and are already looking forward to our next assignments at the airport.

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