A heartfelt wish – a special flight from Vienna to Innsbruck

“20 Years, 20 Wishes”: at the beginning of September, Austrian Airlines was able to fulfil the heartfelt wish of a resident of a retirement home in Vienna. Our colleague accompanied him on his journey.


Herbert Wurzer, who is 80 years young, has lived in the retirement home in the spa park at Vienna Oberlaa for the past few years now. Recently, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the retirement home first opening its doors, residents were asked to take part in a competition: they were asked to write down their most heartfelt wish, with the theme “20 Years, 20 Wishes” . Once all the entries had been collected in, twenty lucky winners were drawn – and Herr Wurzer was one of those!

And what, you may wonder, was that wish? Simple: as well as its Vienna Oberlaa location, the company operates retirement homes in Innsbruck and Salzburg, and Herr Wurzer said he would like to get to know those other homes a bit better! By 5 September 2017, the time had finally come for Herr Wurzer to set off on his big trip – and it looked like being an amazing experience – with a very special highlight . Because he wouldn’t just be jumping in a car to get to Innsbruck – Herr Wurzer was going to be flown there by Austrian Airlines!

01 20J20W Wurzer OS903 Camschl

Fotocredit: amschl/SRgB

On the morning in hand, Wolfgang Giesswein (Manager Ambient Media & Marketing Cooperations at Austrian Airlines) was on hand for take-off from Vienna, and to accompany Herr Wurzer out to the aircraft. Over to Herr Giesswein for a few words about this very special working day…

06 20J20W Wurzer OS903 Camschl

Fotocredit: amschl/SRgB

04 20J20W Wurzer OS903 Camschl 1

Fotocredit: amschl/SRgB

10 20J20W Wurzer OS903 Camschl

Fotocredit: amschl/SRgB

“Herr Georg Amschl, who is responsible for Communications & PR at the Retirement Home, Herr Wurzer himself and I met at Vienna Airport. Once we had dropped off our baggage and gone through security, we had time for an unhurried cup of coffee together before heading out to the gate at around 9.15 am.

“The boarding process was particularly pleasant for Herr Wurzer – because ‘Please take your seat’ in this case meant he was shown to one of the 7 Mercedes limousines provided by Mercedes Wiesenthal for myAustrian HON Circle apron transfers. After the short drive out, we reached the aircraft, a Dash 8-400 .

12 20J20W Wurzer OS903 Camschl

Fotocredit: amschl/SRgB

“While out there, Herr Wurzer had the chance to experience the (perfectly synchronised) mayhem on the apron right up close. He also made the most of the time to check out ‘his’ aircraft from the outside.

19 20J20W Wurzer OS903 Camschl

Fotocredit: amschl/SRgB

17 20J20W Wurzer OS903 Camschl

Fotocredit: amschl/SRgB

21 20J20W Wurzer OS903 Camschl

Fotocredit: amschl/SRgB

“At 10.15, the Dash 8-400 – ‘Baden’ – took off for Innsbruck. From the moment we took off, there was little doubt Herr Wurzer was the most excited, and happiest, passenger on board.

“After a smooth landing in Innsbruck, Herr Wurzer was received by the myAustrian Station Team out on the apron and taken directly to the Arrivals Hall at Innsbruck Airport. Once there, a member of staff from Veldidena Park Innsbruck retirement home, where he would be staying during his time in Innsbruck, was already waiting to help him fulfil his most heartfelt wish!

The Austrian Airlines flight was only the beginning of Her Wurzer’s journey, however: during the following days, he travelled back to Vienna Oberlaa, visiting the Salzburg home en route. We were happy our dedicated teamwork meant we were able to fulfil Herr Wurzer’s heartfelt wish – a nd by far our greatest reward was the fact that Herr Wurzer himself was so inspired, and visibly moved, by the trip.”

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