A Perfect City Trip to Lviv


How about a bit of culture, history, delicious food in Europe, and all this at low cost? Then off to Lviv – or Lemberg as the city is called in German. This week we'll show you the highlights for a city trip to Ukraine.


Go East!

One thing is clear: trips to Eastern Europe are in vogue. While many travel to more known destinations in summer, those who explore Eastern Europe will find real treasures. However, Lviv is still one of the lesser known destinations – in our view for no reason at all.

Rynok Square

Lviv's main square is lined with colourful house facades, and the passing trams give the whole a nostalgic impression. Here you will also find the clock tower, from the top of which you can enjoy one of the best views of Lviv.

Old Town

The alleys and streets in the centre of Lviv were declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1998. If you stroll through Lviv's Old Town, you'll soon forget you're in Ukraine, and you'll be reminded of cities like Prague or Krakow. Among the most beautiful streets are Virmenska, Lesi Ukrainky, Brativ Rohatyntsiv, and Staroievreiska. 

High Castle

Admittedly, the walk up to Lviv's highest point is not easy, but the view of the city is definitely worth it! 


Yard of Lost Toys

The courtyard of the lost toys clearly belongs to the Horror category. The collection began when a Ukrainian discovered two toys in the streets of Lviv and decided to exhibit them. In the meantime, hundreds of dolls, stuffed animals, figures, musical instruments and bicycles can be found in the courtyard of Mukachivska Street.

Lychakiv Cemetery

This last resting place can be very well compared with the Vienna Central Cemetery and is not without reason one of the highlights in Lviv. Many of the graves are richly decorated and hidden between trees.

More Highlights in Lviv

If you have more time in the city, we recommend that you visit Potocki Palace, the Opera House and Halytska Square.

Culinary Tips for Lviv

Although black tea is drunk in most parts of Ukraine, Lviv has a long-standing coffeehouse culture. In the city centre, you will find many roasting houses and coffeehouses with various types of coffee. Those of you with a sweet tooth will also enjoy the wide selection of cakes and strudel variations in Lviv. We especially like Cukiernia.

Traditional Ukrainian specialities can be found in the Seven Piggies restaurant, which not only attracts with its delicious dishes but also with an incomparable interior.


Travel tips for a successful trip to Lviv


For your trip to Lviv you don't need a travel adapter to charge your camera or other electronic devices.


1 hryvina equals 100 kopiykas. You can find the current exchange rate here.


For a short trip to Lviv, you need a valid passport. You do not need to apply for a visa in advance if you are staying in Ukraine for less than 90 days. These regulations may vary from one country of origin to another. Austrians can find the latest information on the website of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs.


In less than two hours of flight time, we take you daily from Vienna directly to Lviv.


Are you ready to take a trip to one of Europe's most beautiful cities, which during the Habsburg monarchy once formed part of Austria? Austrian Airlines flies several times a week to Lviv. Flights can be booked here:

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(without seat up to 24 months)

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