Adrenaline in Cape Town: Travel Tips for Adventurers

Few cities have as much to offer as Cape Town. If you’re looking for adventure and experiences of a very special kind, then the South African port city should be on your travel itinerary! In today’s blog, we show you some of the most exciting and breathtaking activities you can experience in Cape Town.


Cape Town: an aerial view for adventurers

Whenever we think of Cape Town, our next thought is Cape of Good Hope. And how could you possibly get a better view of the iconic landmass than from high up in the air? A helicopter flight over Cape Town and Cape of Good Hope is an absolute must for lovers of amazing landscapes.

Kapstadt jetzt 1

View Table Mountain from a different perspective

At the heart of Cape Town lies the majestic Table Mountain . There are a range of different routes and a cable car to take lovers of amazing panoramas to the most stunning lookout points over Cape Town and the Atlantic. And when the time comes to make your descent, here’s an adventurous suggestion for you: just abseil down! From around 1,000 metres above sea level onwards, the journey down is more of a vertical drop – but you’ll be secured by two ropes, and have a professional guide by your side, so that’s OK. Spectacular views and adrenaline guaranteed!

Penguins at the beach

About an hour’s drive outside Cape Town is a small – and at first glance entirely inconspicuous – beach. Boulder’s Beach is actually very special, because it’s home to a colony of African penguins. The small, chicly dressed animals are extremely curious and will enjoy their big appearance in your Instagram feed. Please don’t forget, though: the penguins are wild animals, and shouldn’t be stroked or fed.

Kapstadt pinguine

Enjoy the sunrise at Lion’s Head

Sunrises are breathtaking, and usually worth every moment of the early rise. And that’s certainly true in Cape Town, where you can start the day with a short hike to the Lion’s Head just before the sun’s rays start spilling out over the horizon.

Kapstadt Abenteuer6

The hiking path itself has a difficulty level of easy to medium, and is well signposted. With stops for photos during the ascent, it’ll take you around two hours to reach the viewing platform. Take some water with you and a small snack to keep you going, and watch as the sun ushers in the new day.


When the doors of the light aircraft open at an altitude of more than 3,000 metres, it’s quite normal for your breath to be taken away. There will be nothing but pure adrenaline shooting through your body at this moment and during the free fall. An experience you’ll never forget.

The flight before your jump takes about 20 minutes. The best way to distract yourself if you’re getting nervous is to take a look out the window – you can see absolutely everything from up here, from the west coast to Cape Town itself, Robben Island, and of course Table Mountain.

Meet the locals: Seals, fish and sharks

If you’re looking for another adrenaline rush , all you really need do is jump in the ocean. The underwater landscape around Cape Town, and all its inhabitants, are definitely worth exploring. Depending on where you scuba dive, you can discover a wide variety of inhabitants, ranging from seals to brightly-coloured shoals of fish and even sharks . And if you’re brave enough, you can dive in a cage and watch awe-inspiring white sharks up close and personal.

Take a catamaran trip at sunset

After enjoying this adrenaline-laden Cape Town programme, with its airy heights and thrilling depths, we suggest you go on a relaxing catamaran trip at sunset with a delicious dinner and a glass of South African wine. Cheers!

You’ll find more Cape Town tips in our Community blog posting, as Austrian Airlines fans Dani and Bine share their highlights with you.

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