Air Travel Hygiene and Safety

How safe is flying? How clean is an aircraft? And how do you protect yourself? We reveal more about hygiene and safety during air travel.

Woman wearing a face mask at Vienna International Airport

Austrian Airlines Hygiene and Safety Measures

Hygiene and safety have played an important role at Austrian Airlines not just since COVID-19. But since the crisis, this topic has been particularly present and people are increasingly asking themselves: How safe is flying? How hygienic and clean is an aircraft? And what can I personally do to ensure a safe flight? We would like to go into this topic in the following and would like to provide you with a roadmap for your next flight.

What kind of hygiene and security measures are taken at Vienna International Airport?

Hygiene and Safety at Vienna International Airport

1. Arrival to Check-In

As soon as you arrive at Vienna International Airport, you will notice that numerous measures have been taken to provide you with the highest possible security. Along all passenger routes, from the check-in area to the baggage reclaim hall, you will find hand disinfectant dispensers and floor markings to ensure the necessary minimum distance. On top of that, this is supported by sensory monitoring and passenger density control.

Man at Vienna International Airport
Health check at Vienna International Airport

All passengers are also required to permanently wear a face mask in the passenger area of the airport and the plexiglass sneeze guards at the workstations also ensure safety.


Currently, health checks are being conducted when arriving at the airport and you can also get yourself tested within approximately three hours for COVID-19 using a PCR test. Click here to find out more.

2. Check-in to Boarding

However, the highest possible level of security is not only ensured until check-in, but also during and after. Thus, we try to ensure the best possible distance and provide the greatest possible protection with appropriate hygiene measures. Vending machines and screens are regularly disinfected and cleaned. If you want to avoid as much contact as possible, we recommend our online check-in. This way, you can already check in from home and avoid the check-in at the airport. Our quick boarding gates also allow you to board the plane without any contact. Boarding by groups, i.e. the simultaneous boarding of small groups, contributes to your additional protection in the future.

Woman checking-in at home
How clean and safe is an Austrian Airlines aircraft?
Clean seats of Austrian Airlines Premium Economy Class

Hygiene and Safety on Board

1. Cleaning Process of the Aircraft

Of course, a clean and safe airplane is essential when travelling. In addition to common cleaning tasks, such as cleaning the floor or baggage racks, all tables are not only cleaned superficially, but from the table surface down to the smallest opening and closing mechanism. The seats, armrests, touch screens, safety belts and fasteners are also given a deep cleaning and disinfection.

For many a source of danger, for us no problem: the toilet. Both the toilet itself and the toilet door handles, inside and outside, are regularly disinfected and cleaned.

2. Clean Air on Board of an Aircraft

Our air filter supplies a complete exchange of fresh air approximately every three minutes. The resulting excellent air quality, in combination with a face mask, offers so much protection that it is not essential to maintain minimum distances to passangers in neighboring seats.

Clean and hygienic cabin of Austrian Airlines
Austrian Airlines flight attendant checking safety and hygiene

3. Crew Hygiene and Safety Measures

The safety and health of the passengers is also very important to our crew. For this reason, our flight attendants are specially trained for travelling in pandemic times, receive appropriate work instructions and carry out the service with appropriate safety measures. In general, keeping as much distance as possible applies to the entire crew. However, our flight attendants are also perfectly prepared to make your flight experience as pleasant as possible and to offer you the appropriate service at the same time.


Our crews are also appropriately trained for emergencies and unforeseen incidents and can quickly act with the existing medical and infection kits.

What can I contribute to the safety and hygiene as a passenger?

Passenger Hygiene and Safety Measures

1. Observance of the Hygiene and Safety Etiquette

Every passenger can individually contribute to the safety and hygiene of air travel. For example, observing the common rules of conduct: washing your hands regularly, keeping your distance, sneezing and coughing in your elbows and not touching your face. Passengers can wash and disinfect their hands at numerous points along the whole travel chain.

Woman washing hands at the airport
Man wearing a face mask in front of the airport

In addition to the floor markings at the airport, we generally ask our passengers to keep their distance from the rest of the fellow travellers and crew and to refrain from forming queues or groups, for example in front of the toilet. For safety reasons, it is currently mandatory to wear a full face mask at the airport and in the aircraft. A reusable fabric mask is mandatory. Face Shields (visors) and FFP2/FFP3 masks with a valve cannot be worn as a replacement. Without a valve, FFP2/FFP3 masks are of course permitted.


Special case Italy: Italian authorities only allow passengers flying to or from Italian destinations to wear medical mouth and nose covers (e.g. surgical masks or FFP2/FFP3 masks without valve). Therefore community masks or other fabric masks are no longer permitted on flights to or from Italian destinations.

2. Checking Entry Restrictions

Planning is the most important aspect before every journey. At the moment, there are extensive entry restrictions due to the COVID-19 crisis. These are partly different for air and land entry. Please always check the status of your flight and the current travel and entry restrictions of your final destination and possible transit points immediately before your trip. Hygiene and safety measures, such as compulsory wearing of face masks in the respective destinations, should also be checked in advance.


Austrians can find the current entry restrictions here, whereas the global website for entry restrictions and safety measures can be found here.

Couple checking entry restrictions before flight

Step by Step to the Next Safe Flight

Are you planning your next trip or do you already miss faraway destinations? If you are well prepared and stick to the common etiquette, nothing can stop you from your next safe flight with the hygiene and safety measures of Austrian Airlines. To keep everything in view, we also recommend our guide for safe travel. Please click here to view the current flight schedule.

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