Amsterdam Travel Guide

Amsterdam Travel Guide | Editor: Florian Lieke

Are you planning a city trip to the Dutch capital? In this article, we reveal our highlights and tips for a successful trip to Amsterdam.

View of house facade and canal

7 Exciting Facts About Amsterdam

  • With more than 870,000 inhabitants, Amsterdam is the largest city in the Netherlands (as of February 2021)
  • The foundations of the Dutch capital are supported by more than 11 million wooden posts
  • There are 165 canals in Amsterdam - more than in Venice
  • The city's canals are more than 100 kilometres long
  • With more than 70 museums, the Dutch capital has the highest museum density worldwide
  • There are more bicycles in Amsterdam than inhabitants
  • Of course, the most stolen item is the bicycle (around 100,000 stolen bicycles per year)

When Is the Best Time to Travel to Amsterdam?

Due to the oceanic climate, Amsterdam is characterised by high humidity and many rainy days throughout the year. So, if you travel to the Dutch capital, you should definitely bring a mackintosh and umbrella - no matter what time of year it is! Neither in summer nor in winter do the temperatures reach extremes. Therefore, Amsterdam is also worth a trip in the winter months, as it almost never snows and the temperatures only occasionally drop below freezing. The most popular time to visit, however, is spring. When spring approaches, Amsterdam and the Netherlands become vivid and colourful.

Ice skating on the canal in Amsterdam

The fields are covered with tulips from the end of March to the beginning of May and thus attract millions of people year after year. The tulip blossom is a real highlight! In addition, the famous Koningsdag also takes place in spring, which promises a lot of fun and joy. On 27 April, the birthday of the king or queen is celebrated year after year. The whole city is transformed into a festive centre and the atmosphere couldn't be any better. For those who prefer a more peaceful atmosphere, autumn is a good time. The high season then comes to an end and with a little luck you can still enjoy a few late summer days.

View of a canal in Amsterdam

What is the best way to get around Amsterdam?

If you rent a car for your city trip, we have an absolute insider tip for you: Parking Centrum Oosterdok. The parking garage is only a ten-minute walk from the city centre and is an absolute bargain compared to other parking possibilities in the city centre! Otherwise, there are regular trains from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport to the main railway station "Amsterdam Centraal". Due to the city's straightforwardness, but also because of the infrastructure, the best way to get around the city centre is on foot or by bike. But the public transport network is also ideal for exploring the city.

What Are the Main Sites to See in Amsterdam?

The Jordaan District in Amsterdam

Our first highlight takes us to one of the most beautiful districts in Amsterdam: the Jordaan district. Here, you will come across beautiful architecture, winding alleys and picturesque canals. The Jordaan district seems to be a little more relaxed and you can admire the idyllic squares and dreamy houses in peace and quiet. In addition, you will find numerous shops and cafés as well as the typical Dutch pubs, the so-called "Bruine kroegen", where old Dutch hits are played at a late hour. You should definitely not miss out on this!

View of the Jordaan District

The Oude Kerk in Amsterdam

Are you looking for the origins of the Dutch capital? In that case, our next attraction, the Oude Kerk, is just the right place for you! The church is the oldest surviving building in Amsterdam and has a long history. The origins of the church date back to the 13th century. At first, the Oude Kerk was Catholic, but during the Reformation in the 16th century it became a Calvinist church. Since then, the building has been vandalised and destroyed several times, but many items have been restored and preserved. Today, the church is one of the most important attractions in the Dutch capital and also serves as a museum of contemporary art.


Fun fact: The Oude Kerk is located right by our next highlight - Amsterdam's red-light district!

View of the red-light district De Wallen

De Wallen, Amsterdam's Red-Light District

At first glance, a visit to a red-light district may seem strange, but in Amsterdam it is practically a must to visit the red-light district "De Wallen". The district is world-famous and hardly any visitor of the Dutch capital misses this attraction. Even if the majority of tourists have no intention of visiting one of these nightclubs, the general atmosphere here can be described as extraordinary. In addition, the district also impresses with its old buildings, picturesque alleys and numerous pubs and bars. So, make sure to stop by!

What Are the Top Things to Do in Amsterdam?

Take a Canal Cruise in Amsterdam

What's the best way to discover Amsterdam? Of course, from the water! Cruise leisurely through the narrow canals, let the picturesque house facades pass you by and marvel at the most popular sights from a completely different perspective. A canal trip through the Dutch capital is an absolute must-do during an Amsterdam city break!


Whether traditional canal tours, tailor-made canal tours or even by yourself - here is a selection of various canal tours and providers.

Visit One of the Numerous Museums in Amsterdam

As already mentioned, Amsterdam is the city with the highest density of museums in the world. It is therefore quite obvious to visit one of the more than 70 museums during a city trip to Amsterdam. Especially the famous Anne Frank House seems to be a must-see during an Amsterdam city break. Besides, the Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh Museum are also very popular and a must for all art lovers. And if you prefer modern art, don't miss out on the Moco Museum - Banksy artworks included!


The Rijksmuseum and many other European museums can also be explored virtually. Click here for an overview!

Woman standing in front of a painting at the Rijksmuseum
Pastries in Amsterdam

Where Is the Best Place to Eat in Amsterdam?

Those who like to have a hearty breakfast, or even a late one, are in good hands at The Breakfast Club. They serve breakfast and brunch until 4 pm and you can enjoy some highlights of the Dutch cuisine. If you like pancakes for breakfast or brunch, you shouldn't miss Mr. Stacks. Here, you also get the typical Dutch mini pancakes - the so-called "poffertjes". Another insider tip is Instock, an organic restaurant chain with a food truck that focuses on regional specialities and products. Bakers & Roasters and Coffe & Coconuts are also great. The latter is located in a former cinema from the 1920s and boasts a unique flair.

Our Basic Dutch Vocabulary

  • Good day | Hello = Goedendag
  • Good evening = Goedenavond
  • Goodbye = Tot ziens
  • Sorry = Sorry
  • My name is = Mijn naam is
  • Do you speak English? = Spreekt u Engels?
  • Where is the toilet? = Waar is het toilet?
  • The bill, please = De rekening, alstublieft
  • Please = Alstublieft | Thank you = Dank u
  • Yes = Ja | No = Nee
View of house facade in Amsterdam

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