Are you CleverTogether? Yes, you are!

Anyone on the social media team has known it for years now: our Community is the smartest by far! So now, we’re putting all your knowledge about those favourite destinations centre-stage on the back of an innovative new project – on board our Airbus fleet! Innovation Manager Julian Fischer explains to us what the project involves…


What‘s the best way to get into the city from the airport? And where can I get a decent burger at 3.00 am, after getting in on a night flight? Let‘s be brutally honest: these are the questions we really worry about on the aircraft. And that’s why we’re currently testing (and will be for a short time longer) a new Community platform on board the aircraft in our Airbus fleet . The idea of the platform is to let passengers network with one another and tap into all that collective knowledge . And just in case you think you’re already an expert about your destination, you can also test your knowledge in our quiz.

Which routes can we test CleverTogether on?

You can currently reach CleverTogether on flights to Vienna, London, Berlin, Hamburg, Stockholm, Paris, Athens, Moscow, Düsseldorf, Nice, Zurich, Brussels, Amsterdam, Larnaca and Tel Aviv , using FlyNet. CleverTogether is free of charge and opens on your own smartphone, tablet or laptop.

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© Markus Zahradnik

Are you going to reveal how CleverTogether is going to be developed from now on?

That’s still a secret, but we can promise you one thing: anybody who takes part in the testing now will be at the front of the queue when the first details of the next steps become available 😉

We’ll keep in constant touch, of course, and for now just remember: register straight away so you can get testing on your next flight!

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© Markus Zahradnik

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Main photos: © Markus Zahradnik

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