Ask Austrian:
A Look Behind the Scenes

Ask Austrian: A Look Behind the Scenes | Editor: Florian Lieke

Many questions, many answers - times like these raise some questions about air travel. Our colleagues will now give you the answers.

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The Impact of COVID-19 on Air Travel

At the moment, the Corona crisis affects us all. There are new updates and changes every single day and especially the travel and aviation industry is strongly influenced by it. New entry restrictions, compulsory wearing of masks, hygiene measures - in times like these, you quickly lose track and feel insecure. To make sure that you can plan or start your next trip without any worries, we have created our #AskAustrian series. Experts from different areas of the company will answer your most urgent questions, give a look behind the scenes and also share some tips and recommendations with you.

Episode 1: Clean Air on Board

How does Austrian Airlines ensure clean air on board?

The air circulation system in our aircraft guarantees the best air quality on board and a complete air exchange of every three minutes. In the first episode of #AskAustrian our colleague Lukas Grabner, Supervisor Fleet Engineering A320, explains how this system works.

Episode 2: Aircraft cleaning

How clean are Austrian Airlines aircraft?

A safe and clean aircraft is essential when travelling - especially in times like these. In our second episode of #AskAustrian our colleague Annemarie Lovrin, Head of Ramp Services, explains how our aircraft are cleaned and what measures we take to ensure a safe stay on board.

Episode 3: Airport security

What are the security measures at the airport?

You are wondering how social distancing and contactless baggage check-in at the airport are working? In this #AskAustrian episode Sebastian L├╝ttmann, Senior Director Ground Operations Passenger & Aircraft Handling Hub Vienna, explains how secure and seamless procedures are guaranteed at Vienna International Airport in times of COVID-19.

Episode 4: Service on Board

What does the current service on board of Austrian Airlines look like?

You may have wondered what our current service in our planes looks like. Our expert Alice Ranzenbacher, Manager Austrian Product & Innovation, will tell you more about this topic in our fourth episode of #AskAustrian and will also inform you how to protect yourself and others during the flight.

Episode 5: Austrian Crew

How well is the crew prepared for the current situation?

The Corona crisis also demands a great deal from our crew: online trainings, stricter hygiene measures or wearing face masks all the time. In our fifth episode of #AskAustrian Verena Peruschitz, Head of Cabin Crews, reveals what has changed and how the crew is getting prepared in detail.

Episode 6: Customer Communication

What is the best way for customers to inform and prepare themselves?

A lot has changed over the past few months - especially with regard to air travel! Isabella Reichl, Senior Director Brand Management & Marketing, explains in the sixth episode of #AskAustrian how Austrian Airlines provides you with all the information you need to travel safely and carefree.

Safe Travel With Austrian Airlines

We hope that our experts were able to clarify all your questions and eliminated your uncertainties. If you still have questions, please have a look at our article about safe travelling with Austrian Airlines. There you will find more information about the compulsory use of masks, our service and measures you can take to ensure a safe journey. On top of that, you can benefit from our step-by-step instructions for a safe and well prepared flight. You will also receive the latest information and updates about your desired destination on our platform with regard to the entry requirements of our destinations.

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