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What kind of dishes are served on board of Austrian Airlines? And how are they prepared? Find out more about our DO & CO catering here.

What dishes are served in the Austrian Airlines Business Class?
Austrian Airlines flying chef preparing food

Austrian Airlines Business Class Menu

Many small steps are necessary to finally implement a menu suggestion. Our product management team is responsible for planning and coordinating the menus and is therefore the interface to our partner DO & CO. The team also includes flight attendants who are very familiar with the service on board and help develop the loading process. Together with DO & CO, the product management team permanently works on creating new dishes. Typical Austrian dishes as well as seasonal ingredients and dishes such as apricots, Martini Gansl (St. Martin's goose) or Wiener Zwiebelrostbraten (Viennese onion roast beef) are used.


On short-haul flights, the dishes change weekly in a rotation of eight rounds. The menus are completely changed at least twice a year. On long-haul flights, the meals change every eight to ten weeks.

When is a dish "airworthy"?

Airworthiness of Austrian Airlines Business Class Catering

Not every food or dish is equally suitable for a high altitude flight. Thanks to the many years of expertise, DO & CO knows which combinations would not be suitable for air travel or could be problematic for final preparation on board. In general, every dish and meal is possible. For example, the flying chefs prepare fried eggs and steaks above the clouds. However, before a meal is included in the regular flight schedule, they have to pass another obstacle.

Austrian Airlines Business Class catering on board

In a replica aircraft cabin, which is used for training purposes, our team tests the preparation and service. In addition, the new dishes are tested during a real flight. If this step is successfully completed, the new menus are ready for take-off. However, until the new dishes are airworthy, they are top secret!

What does the preparation of the dishes look like?
Preparation of the Austrian Airlines Business Class catering.

Preparation of the Austrian Airlines Business Class Catering

It's getting hot in the kitchens of DO & CO! Seven days a week, 365 days a year, only fresh raw materials are processed in the kitchens. The "Cook & Chill" process is used to ensure that the food on board is juicy and fresh. The meat is roasted briefly and hot to ensure it has a beautiful color, before it is placed in the hot-air oven where it is heated to a core temperature. Once this is reached, it immediately goes into the chiller, where the product is rapidly cooled down. Afterwards, it remains in the cold chain until it is served on board.


The Business Class meals are immediately portioned into matching ceramic bowls. This way, it can be served more quickly on board.

And what does the transportation to the airport look like?

Transport of the Austrian Business Class Catering

With a few skilful movements, the food is prepared in the DO & CO kitchens for transport to the airport. The individual serving trays are loaded immediately so that the crew on board only has to add the warmed main course. The trays are loaded into trolleys and provided with the flight data (date and flight number) so that the trolleys will easily find their way to the right aircraft.

Service on board of Austrian Airlines
What does the service above the clouds look like?
Flight attendant serving catering above the clouds

Austrian Airlines Service Above the Clouds

Finally, the food is up in the air and, depending on the destination and time zone, the catering of the warm delicacies begins sooner or later. On short-haul flights, our flight attendants look after the well-being of the passengers. And on business class long-distance flights, our flying chefs from DO & CO come into play to provide the best culinary service. They take orders from Business Class passengers and prepare the final dishes. The menu above the clouds includes soup, various starters, a choice of three main courses, fresh pastries, dessert and cheese variations as well as a large selection of soft drinks and Austrian wines.

What is the coffee house above the clouds?

Award Winning Coffee House Above the Clouds

Our Business Class Catering has been awarded several times in the past few years. In 2018, for example, we won first place in the category "Best Business Class On-board Catering" by Skytrax.

Another highlight of our Business Class on long-haul flights is our coffee house above the clouds. Coffee lovers can choose between ten typical Austrian specialities such as Einspänner, Viennese iced coffee or Melange from a separate coffee menu.

Coffee house above the clouds

Would you like to find out more about the Austrian Airlines Business Class? Click here to discover more!

Taking off in Austrian Airlines Business Class

The culinary delights of DO & CO are not just available in our Business Class, because all meals on routes from Vienna are prepared by DO & CO chefs. If you would also like to enjoy a very special menu in Economy Class, you can choose one of the delicacies from DO & CO à la carte. Book your next flight right here:

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