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Austrian Airlines Career FAQs | Editor: Florian Lieke

What kind of career can you pursue at Austrian? And what are the conditions? Read more about pursuing a career at Austrian Airlines here.

What does a typical flight attendant training look like at Austrian Airlines?
Austrian Airlines flight attendants on board

Typical Schedule of the Austrian Airlines Flight Attendant Training

Austrian Airlines:

The training focuses on the central question: How can I succeed in offering our guests on board a unique travel experience and at the same time turn them into fans of Austrian Airlines?

In order to be able to implement this objective, our prospective flight attendants have to complete an intensive and modern eight-week training course.

On the one hand, relevant flight safety situations such as fire extinguishing, pressure drop in the cabin or emergency ditching and first aid are being taught. On the other hand, the focus lies on topics such as Austrian Hospitality & Product, New Premium, Customer Profiling, Empowerment & Individualisation, Service Skills, Cultural Awareness, Team and Group Dynamics, Language Communication Skills as well as Uniform & Styling.

At the end of the flight attendant training, the "Take-off Event" is the final step of the training. The course participants present to internal and external guests what they have learned over the past few weeks.

Austrian flight attendant serving food
Is Austrian Airlines currently hiring flight attendants? When are the next application deadlines and castings?

Job Advertisements for Austrian Airlines Flight Attendants

Austrian Airlines:

We cannot name an exact date. But you can find the current job offers for flight attendants on this page. If you would like to learn more about the Austrian Airlines flight attendant training, please click here.

Is it possible to do an internship at Austrian Airlines?
AIRcelerate in front of Austrian Airlines head office

Internship at Austrian Airlines

Austrian Airlines:

During the summer months of July and August, pupils from 15 years of age can gain an insight into our company. These summer internships usually last one month and can be completed in the technical department or head office in commercial areas. In addition, students have got the opportunity to do a six-month internship in different departments. Further details on the requirements and current internship vacancies can also be found on our career site.

What kind of jobs are done behind the scenes?

Further Fields of Work at Austrian Airlines

Austrian Airlines:

Our employees also work in various areas behind the scenes. They all contribute to a safe takeoff and your good well-being. This includes network planning, sales, marketing, IT, finance, human resources and many other departments, which are therefore very important units of our company. This is where the complex processes of a global airline are managed and where success is ensured in close collaboration with the Lufthansa Group.

Austrian Airlines technicians

The employees of Austrian Technik should also not be forgotten. Those employees are directly working on our aircraft fleet in the hangar. The jobs range from aircraft maintenance to logistics and are very versatile.

How many flying hours does a pilot need to have?
Austrian Airlines pilot and flight attendants

Minimum of Flying Hours at Austrian Airlines

Austrian Airlines:

There are two ways to apply as a pilot at Austrian Airlines:

  1. Without flying experience: Candidates without any basic requirements or training.
  2. Trained pilots: The basic requirement for an application is a completed pilot training. Minimum flying hours are not a basic requirement.
What are the requirements to become a first officer?

Requirements for Austrian Airlines First Officers

Austrian Airlines:

To work as a first officer (or co-pilot) at Austrian Airlines, a certain number of requirements need to be fulfilled:

  • EU citizenship or valid work permit for Austria
  • A-levels or equivalent vocational diploma
  • Possession of an unrestricted passport
  • Excellent German and English skills
  • Body height of at least 165 cm
  • In case of visual impairment: up to a maximum of +/- 3.0 dioptres, without any laser treatment
Austrian Airlines female pilot

The complete selection process is held in German and in four stages:

  1. Basic occupational assessment as a computer test, lasting one day
  2. Simulator screening, lasting three days
  3. Corporate qualification test, lasting two days
  4. Medical check with subsequent issue of the Class I Medical

Afterwards, the actual training begins and takes about two years.

Discover the World of Flying with Austrian Airlines

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