Austrian Airlines Fleet FAQs

Austrian Airlines Fleet FAQs | Editor: Florian Lieke

How many planes does Austrian Airlines have? And what types are in use? Read on to find out more about the Austrian Airlines fleet.

How many planes does Austrian Airlines have?

Austrian Airlines Fleet Size

Austrian Airlines:

As of June 2019, our fleet comprises a total of 83 aircraft. On short- and medium-haul routes, the aircraft types Airbus 321-211, Airbus 321-111, Airbus 320-200, Airbus 319-111 and Embraer 195 as well as Bombardier Q400 are in service. On long-haul flights, you will always fly in one of our Boeing 767-300ER or 777-200ER aircraft.

How many Boeing 777s are part of the Austrian Airlines fleet?

Austrian Airlines Boeing 777

Austrian Airlines:

Our aircraft family includes six Boeing 777-200ER. Our Triple-Sevens were all baptised - Sound of Music, Heart of Europe, Dream of Freedom, Spirit of Austria, Blue Danube and Sibanye. In total, we can carry 306 passengers on this type of aircraft: 38 in Business Class, 24 in Premium Economy Class and 244 in Economy Class.

When did the first Boeing 777 take off on behalf of Austrian Airlines and where did the journey go?

First Flight Austrian Airlines Boeing 777

Austrian Airlines:

To answer this question, we searched through the archives and came up with the following: In winter 2001, a Boeing 777-200 with an OS flight number took off for the first time. This first flight took off via Bangkok to Denpasar on the Indonesian island of Bali.

What does the fleet planning look like?

Fleet Planning at Austrian Airlines

Austrian Airlines:

Operational and commercial criteria determine which types of aircraft will be used on the various routes. Our Boeing aircraft are in service on long-haul routes, flying to the United States, Thailand or South Africa, among others.

Operational criteria include the range of an aircraft and whether slot and gate are available at the desired time. Commercial criteria relate to demand - in other words, if more passengers want to fly to New York, a larger plane will be used.

What special paintwork is currently being used in the Austrian Airlines fleet?

Special Paintwork at Austrian Airlines

Austrian Airlines:

In June 2019, ten of our aircraft will be on their way with special paintwork:

Retro Design

Our Airbus 320-200 with the registration OE-LBO is flying with a retro design from 1988.

60 Years Austrian Airlines Design

Our Boeing 777-200 with the identification OE-LPF hovers above the clouds with the "60 years of Austrian Airlines" design.

Greetings Design

Our Boeing 777-200 with the registration OE-LPE is covered by a special paintwork with greetings on the left front fuselage.

mySound of Austria Design

Our Boeing 777-200 with the registration OE-LPD also has a special paintwork on the left fuselage with the writing "mySound of Austria" and the picture of a flight attendant.

Star Alliance Design

Another six aircraft are flying in Star Alliance design.

What are aircraft registrations and is there any logic?

Austrian Airlines Aircraft Registration

Austrian Airlines:

Aircraft have individual aircraft registration numbers. The counterpart on the road would be the license plate. In aviation, the registration numbers are assigned according to a certain logic, which varies in many countries. In Austria the situation is as follows:

Typical aircraft registration of the Austrian Airlines fleet

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