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Austrian Airlines Flight Attendant Training | Editor: Florian Lieke

How do you become an Austrian Airlines Flight Attendant? And what does an average day look like? Our colleague Daniela will tell you here.

What does the typical training of an Austrian Airlines Flight Attendant look like?
Austrian Airlines flight attendant

Typical schedule of an Austrian Airlines Flight Attendant training


The flight attendant training at Austrian Airlines is organised in a very modern way. E-learning modules, classroom training and customer profiling alternate with practical exercises in a mock-up (replica of an aircraft cabin), group work, role plays and guest lectures. The primary goal of the basic training, which lasts about eight weeks, is to perfectly prepare our new colleagues for all facets of the job.

During the pre-course phase, which lasts about one week, the students self-study the so-called hard facts, i.e. theoretical basics, in order to bring along an optimal knowledge base for the following, very practice-oriented attendance phase. Here, the uniform is already being tried on, which will be adjusted accordingly within four weeks.

So what does the presence phase look like?

Presence phase of Austrian Airlines Flight Attendants


After successfully completing the entrance test, the one-week service training begins. This is followed by the very intensive and demanding safety, security and first-aid training, which lasts four weeks. Once this part of the training has been successfully completed, it is time for the finishing straight. During the last two weeks, the focus lies on becoming an Austrian Airlines Brand Ambassador. The take-off event marks the conclusion of the basic training course to become an Austrian Flight Attendant. This is where customer experience is put into practice and demonstrated.

Flight attendants at testing centre
What are the most important competencies of a future Austrian Airlines Flight Attendant?
Austrian Airlines flight attendants at Vienna airport

Most important competencies of an Austrian Airlines Flight Attendant


Our aim is to convey that Austrian Airlines Flight Attendants make the difference and are the decisive competitive factor. Therefore, our key training elements are to live and implement the customer experience and always provide excellent service, while at the same time completing comprehensive flight safety and first aid training.

When may the acquired knowledge be put into practice?

First practical assignments as an Austrian Airlines Flight Attendant


The "Training on the Job" starts immediately afterwards. The first four flights are accompanied by instructing flight attendants. If these flights are successfully completed, our new colleagues are allowed to fly on board as part of the minimum crew. After about six to eight months, a two-day completion training course is held, which is the final step of the basic training to become an Austrian Airlines Flight Attendant.

Austrian Airlines flight attendants in Business Class
Is it easy to complete the training? Which examinations must be successfully passed?
Austrian Airlines flight attendants in galley

Challenges during the Austrian Flight Attendant Training


The biggest challenge during the Flight Attendant Training is to master the extensive theoretical material in a very short time and to put it into practice in the subsequent practical exercises. Many repetitions, group work and role plays support the learning progress.

Students have to pass a couple of written exams, both in the field of flight safety and service and support. If these examinations are not passed successfully, the student has the chance to repeat the examination once. If they fail again, the training cannot be continued and the employment relationship will be terminated.

Which skills are particularly important when it comes to interacting with passengers?

Interaction with passengers as Austrian Airlines Flight Attendant


The flight attendants' field of activity is very extensive and diverse. Therefore many competences are required, especially in the soft skills area. These include empathy, flexibility, openness, friendliness, linguistic communication skills, professional handling of conflict situations, team spirit and the basic attitude of wanting to be there for people and offer them an unforgettable stay on board. All these are success factors and thus central elements of training and further education.

Austrian Airlines flight attendant and business passenger
Which specific topics are being covered in the training?
Austrian Airlines flight attendant and business passenger

Key topics during the Austrian Airlines Flight Attendant Training


The training is divided into two major subject areas: Service training with a special focus on customer experience, cultural awareness, uniform and styling, analysis of different customer groups, feedback, conflict resolution and communication, group dynamics, on board product, service principles, service standards, health and training in aviation safety and first aid.

What about experienced flight attendants? Do they also continue with trainings?

Further trainings of Austrian Airlines Flight Attendants


Training and further education are of central importance to us. In our further training programme "Find your Way", which was designed exclusively for our flight attendants, they can choose from 35 seminars in five categories and around 500 seminar places per half-year.

Austrian Airlines flight attendant serving coffee in Business Class

As part of our career model "New Cabin", flight attendants can individually design their own career path. The programme is modular in structure and, after positive completion, enables the flight attendants to take on additional functions such as briefing flight attendants or trainers. In addition, they can also apply for management positions on board. For executives there is another, special further training programme.

What makes your job so special?
Austrian Airlines flight attendant serving food

Job highlights as Austrian Airlines Flight Attendant


Being a flight attendant is unique because every day and every flight is a new challenge and not like the other. It is certainly exciting to work in changing teams. Always having the opportunity to get to know many people - also with different cultural backgrounds - and to make their stay on board an unforgettable experience, is certainly one of the many highlights as an Austrian Airlines Flight Attendant. However, the stopovers in exotic destinations are also quite attractive - of course.

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