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Has the uniform of Austrian Airlines always been red? Which requirements were necessary at that time? This is what we will tell you here!

Unadulterated charm could be the asset that attracts passengers
Current uniform of Austrian Airlines

Austrian Airlines: A feeling of coming home

We probably all know this special situation: After a long holiday abroad, you arrive at the airport and are awaited by the charming ground staff in red uniform. And suddenly it feels like home, no matter if you are in Asia or North America. The red uniforms have been the most distinguishing feature of Austrian Airlines flight attendants for many decades. They stand for Austria, for warmth, for home.

The blue uniform of Austrian Airlines

Do you just know Austrian employees in red? It wasn't always like that! The original uniform was dark blue. But in 1969, we wanted to reflect our Austrian origins in our uniforms, based our colours on the national flag and afterwards designed our first uniform. This red has remained the same ever since. Fabric and details show traditional echoes.

Crew with blue uniform of Austrian Airlines
Austrian Crew with first red uniform

The red uniform of Austrian Airlines

Since 1974, the red and white check pattern can be repeatedly found in our fabrics. At that time, a red and white checkered dress with red jacket replaced the traditional red costume introduced in 1969. Today, you can find this pattern on curtains and blankets on board, for example.

The red-white-red uniform of Austrian Airlines

The uniform, by which you can immediately recognize Austrian employees today, was designed in its base in 1996. Since then, we have continuously adapted the uniform to meet the latest requirements. Fabrics have to withstand a lot and need to be comfortable to wear - over time, stretch components have been added for more mobility. Each new piece, such as the coat, vest or dress, is first tested in the laboratory and then intensively washed and tested before we add it to our uniform collection.

Austrian Crew with red uniform
Austrian Crew with current uniform

The job as "Air Hostess" at Austrian Airlines

The job as an "air hostess" was already in great demand in 1958. The requirements were strict: unmarried, childless, 21 to 27 years old, 1.57 m to 1.73 m tall and weighing a maximum of 63 kg. Perfect English and French or Russian were compulsory, hotel management school was desired, marriage was only allowed after the second year of service. Those who received admission learned how to save human lives without any medical advices, among other things in the first aid course. For example, how to make a tracheotomy with a ballpoint pen or how to fix the tongue with a safety pin during an epileptic seizure.

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