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Strong companies need strong female employees! Today, four interesting Austrian Airlines female employees answer our questions and give us an insight into their work. Diverse personalities in an exciting work environment. Be curious!


Changes are possible

Servus, my name is Leonie Leberbauer. I am 16 years old and live in the district of Gänserndorf (Lower Austria). The last school year I was in a tourism school and quickly realized that school is not the right thing for me. Now I am doing an apprenticeship at Austrian Airlines and getting to know the company step by step. It's an exciting job that is very challenging and intense - ideal for me. It's great to be part of this big family.


My Motto:

Don’t call it a dream, call it a plan.

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How did you find out about the apprenticeship at Austrian?


I became aware of Airport Night through an acquaintance. The apprenticeship in mechatronics aroused my interest. I was given a very good introduction to the profession during a guided tour, and I immediately knew that this was exactly what I wanted to learn. I immediately applied for the apprenticeship. My great interest in aviation and technology certainly helped me to get an acceptance for the apprenticeship.

My childhood dream of an apprenticeship at the airport and being able to work technically has come true with acceptance.

What do you do in your free time?
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My hobby is horse riding. I own four horses. Every day I go to the stable and enjoy working with them and taking care of them. Aviation has also always been my hobby. I have often been on the visitors' terrace watching planes take off and land. I can manage my free time and family very well alongside my apprenticeship and also do my Matura on the side.

Equality within the company?


Equality is a matter of course in my apprenticeship. There were no funny comments, nor was I treated differently than my male colleagues. I was immediately accepted into the group and am very happy to have such excellent male colleagues. To this day, I have not regretted my decision and am very happy to have such a great apprenticeship.

Servus aus dem Hangar

My name is Nicole Bolzer. I am 36 years old and have been a permanent part of Austrian Airlines since August 2004, almost 18 years. I've been interested in technology since childhood, and even before that, I was passionate about tinkering with cars with my big brother. Fun and talent in technology in combination with bearing great responsibility - this job is a perfect fit for me.


My favorite quote:

Happiness is working with the Hangar doors open.

Technology and women: is it still atypical?
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Every woman can be technically gifted. You have to dare to go beyond yourself and simply try things. Sometimes you have to approach work differently because, of course, there are physical limits. But you can do anything. In my free time, I do a lot of sports, also together with my dog. In my private environment, it takes a certain understanding to work in shifts.

What kind of mindset do you bring with you?
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It is essential to be aware of the responsibility, enjoyment of the work, the ability to work in a team and empathy towards colleagues.

Ramp Agent

Servus, my name is Birgit Krammer, I am 44 years old and live in Bruckneudorf. I have been working for Austrian Airlines since 2004. It is important to know that in this job you have to deal a lot with people from the most different nations and with the most different characters. Since my helper syndrome is extreme, I know that if problems ever arise: people want a professional to come to their aid to ensure a pleasant onward journey. Talking at eye level, with passengers and colleagues, is an essential attitude.


My favorite quote:

Life is like a mirror, when you smile into it, it smiles back. (Calouste Gulbenkian)

Your career at Austrian Airlines?
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Since I like to travel a lot to broaden my horizons, the job of Passenger Handling Agent for Austrian Airlines made me curious for the time being. I went to the assessment without any great expectations and was surprised at all the things that are necessary to gain a foothold in this profession. Ambition got the better of me and, thanks to the support of other candidates, I made it. The variety and training in the company, especially on the ward, have not let me get bored to this day, because I love the challenge.

In my long career, I worked for several years as a staff member in the Austrian Lounges at Vienna Airport after successfully passing my diploma exams. After my maternity leave, I went back to passenger handling. There, as a HON Circle employee, I got a taste of the fascinating air on the apron and was immediately fascinated by the tasks of a ramp agent. Here, it is all about safety security tasks, which concern the direct handling next to the aircraft for arriving as well as departing aircraft of the LH Group. Passengers with tight connecting flights are assisted by a direct faster ramp transfer and thus we as a company save further follow-up costs.

Much more airside and technical aircraft knowledge is required on the ramp than in terminal handling, so the job generally tends to be dominated by men. Outside on the apron, 95% of the workers are men, for example, baggage loaders, cleaning staff, caterers, rampers, bus drivers, etc.

Equality within the company?
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Male colleagues on the apron are sometimes surprised when a woman comes in wearing a thick winter jacket. When they realize that women can also keep up professionally, there are fewer prejudices, and nothing stands in the way of working together. For women in a male-dominated working world, a self-confident appearance is an advantage. Moreover, equality at Austrian is taking on new dimensions with our first female board member, Annette Mann. In general, women are rare in high management positions. Here on the ramp, we are quite balanced in this respect and the team spirit is alive and well.

Above the clouds

Hello my name is Petra Lorenz. I am 45 years old, married and have a son. In 1999 I started my pilot training at OS and spent about 2 years learning a lot of theory, but also spent numerous hours in the aircraft and simulator. Twenty-three years later, I still love my job and am proud to be a part of Austrian Airlines.


My Mindset:

If you can dream it, you can do it!

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What does your daily work routine look like?


First of all, I put on my uniform and drive to the airport. Once there, various flight preparations are already underway. Together with my crew, we master all the challenges of the flight day. On other days, I do flight safety office work and spend a lot of time in meetings, on the phone or in front of the laptop.

My goal is to go home satisfied.

Equality within the company?
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There are now around 50 female pilots working at Austrian Airlines. Since the beginning of my training, equality has always been noticeable and is lived. For my colleagues and me, it makes absolutely no difference whether a male or female pilot sits next to you in the cockpit - performance is what counts for us.

Finally, women for women: a colleague you would also like to introduce briefly?


Christina Domweber - started as a flight attendant, then became a dispatcher and is now a pilot.

Flying high with Austrian Airlines

Thank you very much for your openness during the interviews. Perhaps we have aroused your interest, and you would also like to enter the airline business. Or maybe you feel like traveling. Then you can book your next Austrian flight right here.

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