Austrian Melangerie:
A Look Behind the Scenes

Austrian Melangerie: A Look Behind the Scenes | Editor: Florian Lieke

Traditional, tasty, Austrian – that's the motto of the Austrian Melangerie. We provide a look behind the scenes of our new onboard service on European flights!

Traditional, tasty, Austrian.
Austrian flight attendant serving wine

Austrian Melangerie: Pleasure Above the Clouds

You call the shots when you travel. You make your own decisions about your flight destination and the price you pay. So, in our mind, it's only natural that you should also make your own decisions about what to eat or drink on your flight and what exactly you would like to treat yourself to – because it should be good, better than good:

High-quality, sustainably produced, Austrian. That's our claim at Austrian Airlines. Since March 2021, we are no longer serving you unremarkable sandwiches or cakes of no particular provenance, where you only get to choose between: yes or no, sweet or salty. We want to indulge you – if that is what you want, too!

Our Economy Class Service on Flights of up to 3 Hours

It's in that spirit that we have a wide selection of Austrian dishes, snacks and breakfast options available on board for you: You can pick and choose from a menu and pay our flight attendants directly for any food and drinks you order. Just like in a café, at a Heuriger or Viennese Beisl. Only this time, above the clouds.

Austrian flight attendants in cabin
Discover Austria's culinary side right on board.
Man serving Schnitzel

Henry - A DO & CO Brand

Henry's focus lies on impeccable quality and the prepara­tion of flavoursome dishes, as Henry is led by people who love food. The customer's enjoyment of food lies always at the heart of the Henry brand, which is why only the best ingredients are used, without any added preservatives. Freshly prepared dishes are created with attentive crafts­manship on a daily basis using only seasonally available produce. With Henry for Austrian, we bring the extensive gourmet experience from our Viennese downtown shops directly to your seat. The selection ranges from hearty delicacies and healthy bites to Viennese classics and sweet temptations, giving you the perfect culinary experience as a new travel companion!

Sacher-Torte: everyone is talking about it, but only a few know the story behind it.

The Cake That Conquered the World

Austrians love to eat baked treats such as ring cake and apple strudel – and not just for dessert. Warm strudel is sometimes served for dinner and Kaiserschmarrn pancakes for lunch. Sweet treats are a tradition – and have been ever since the days of Empire.

And while we're talking royalty: when visiting Vienna, have you ever stumbled on the initials ‘k. u. k.’? In the age of Em­peror Franz Joseph I, only the best of the best could boast this accolade – named as purveyors to the royal and imperial court, or ‘k. u. k’ in German for short. They included Sacher, a company that has been baking a dessert with cult status for 150 years.

A slice of Sacher-Torte served on a plate

In 1832, at the tender age of 16, apprentice chef Franz Sacher invented the Sacher­-Torte – a dessert that would soon be on everyone's lips. This tasty delicacy is still made today at the Sacher factory using Franz's secret recipe, with wonderful velvety smooth chocolate and fruity apricot jam. We're happy to serve you a slice of original Sacher­-Torte on board our flights, too. How would you like yours? Perhaps with a cup of Meinl's tea or coffee?

The coffee house: a place that every Viennese loves in equal measure.
Austrian flight attendant serving Wiener Melange

A Taste of Viennese Coffee House Culture Above the Clouds

‘A Viennese coffee house is a place you go when you want to be alone but you need company,’ the Austrian author Alfred Polgar once said, speaking from the soul of the Viennese. You do not need company to go to the coffee house. A Melange or a Verlängerter is good enough.

The foundations of today's Viennese coffee house culture were laid by people such as Julius Meinl. In the late 19th cen­tury, he switched from selling expensive raw coffee beans – that wealthy Viennese had to take the time to grind and roast at home – to ready­roasted coffee.

He invent­ed his own machine and experimented with different grades of roasting. From there, it wasn't a huge leap to come up with a coffee machine for the catering industry. Soon poets, philosophers and mere mortals could be found sitting around marble tables in Viennese coffee houses, enjoying delicious coffee from the Meinl roastery.

Over time, the coffee houses created a whole way of life that you simply must experience in Vienna. Try it for yourself with our speciality teas and coffees on board.

Cup of Wiener Melange from Meinl
Austrian Melangerie and sustainability? Of course!
Two bottles of Vöslauer water

The Ethical Way to Hydrate and Recycle

Did you know that a PET bottle can be recycled almost endlessly and that every Vöslauer PET bottle is turned into another one that is made of 100% recycled PET? This is referred to as a circular economy. So, above the clouds, you can enjoy your still or sparkling water without hesitation!


Austrians are good at recycling and throw away 8 out of 10 PET bottles in the yellow bin. If 10 out of 10 PET bottles end up in the yellow bin, we'll be recy­cling world champions.

The Ethical Way to Read

For this issue of Melangerie, we have made our environmental footprint even smaller by produc­ing a 100% digital-­only magazine.

But we can't imagine a world without paper. That's why we have printed our on­board menu as a hygiene-­friendly leaflet on climate­-neutral FSC­-certified stock. We also managed to offset the printing itself – working with natureOffice to support the forest conservation project ‘Österreich Plus Montafon’. With that in mind, happy reading – in print or on screen!

Woman reading menu digital on iPad
Three SuprLid cups of tea from Meinl

The Ethical Way to Enjoy

Tea or coffee? We'll serve you that Viennese coffee house feel on board with a fine blend by Meinl. Whether you prefer tea or coffee, you can enjoy hot drinks with peace of mind on board our flights. If your hot drink is not served in a china cup, you'll have an innovative PEFC­-certified paper SuprLid coffee cup or a biodegradable takeaway teacup made from compostable paper and plastic in your hands.

And we use wooden sticks for stir­ring. Delicious hot drinks – the sustainable way.

Kattus Frizzante: the Viennese sparkling wine that pearls in waltz beat.

Enjoying Traditional Viennese Sparkling Wine at an Altitude of Around 13,000 Metres

The history of the only family­-owned Viennese sparkling wine manufacturer dates back to 1857. As Imperial and Royal purveyor to the court, the traditional company Kattus supplied caviar, champagne and wine to imperial and princely courts all over the continent before establish­ing its own sparkling wine production. Sophie and Johannes Kattus, now in the fifth genera­tion, are directing the fortunes of the sparkling wine manufactory, which is characterized by tradition and innovation in equal measure. The Austrian cultural landscape has always celebrated special moments with sparkling wine from Kattus.

View of sparkling wine from Kattus

Especially popular is the "Kattus Cuvée No. 1". The pure Brut sparkling wine from Austrian Welschriesling grapes is produced according to the "Méthode Traditionnelle" and matures for at least twelve months in the bottle. It is as lively and elegant as the Danube metropolis itself. So, how about a glass high above the clouds?

Craft Beer: perfect for all those who like to try something new.
View of craft beer from the Beer Buddies

Craft Beer From Mühlviertel on Board Austrian Airlines

Based at the Tragweiner Gut estate in Mühlviertel, Upper Austria, the Beer Buddies are all about two things: brewing beer and using local, sustaina­ble, natural produce. The pair not only procure the hops for their unique products from the local area – 100% of their malt is also locally sourced. These two creative minds brew their speciality beers using Mühlviertel natural water from their own well – almost like old times – and all their beers are unfiltered and unpasteurised to preserve their full flavour. We serve one of their unique speciality beers on board, a Vienna lager known as ‘Bernstein’ (amber in English). Perfect for anyone who likes to try new things.

Reisetbauer: a shot of Austrian joie de vivre

Fine Brandies From Linz to Round off Your Flight

‘Quality makes friendship’ – this is the principle behind Hans Reisetbauer's multi­-award­-winning brandies, produced near Linz. They include the classic Williams, which you can sample on board or buy to take home as a gift. In the leafy surroundings of apple and pear orchards, Reisetbauer and his 12­-strong team produce other spirits. Their ‘Blue Gin’ is famous among gin connoisseurs far beyond Austria. You can sample it on board our flights. Being close to nature is crucial for the Reisetbauer distillery in Upper Austria. They only use the finest fruit to create the exquisite spirits they distil in copper vats. After all, a good schnapps shouldn't just have a lovely little kick – it should taste great, too. See for yourself!

View of Reisetbauer Williams (Schnapps)

Discover the Culinary Offer Of the Austrian Melangerie Now

So, are you curious now? How about a cold glass of Kattus Frizzante above the clouds? Or a craft beer? Maybe a slice of Sacher-Torte? Book your next flight within Europe now and enjoy the wide range of offers at the Austrian Melangerie soon:


Would you like to learn more about the Austrian Melangerie? If so, click here to find out more! The current menu, on the other hand, can be downloaded here.

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