Austria’s Islands

Austria's Islands | Editor: Florian Lieke

Does Austria actually have islands? From the Danube Island to the Mur Island - there are many islands in Austria! These are our favourites:


Old Danube in Vienna: Gänsehäufel

One thing is certain: the Gänsehäufel is iconic! In former times geese ("Gänse") were bred on the sandy island in the Old Danube ("Alte Donau") - therefore the name of the island. Today it is home to one of the most popular outdoor swimming pools in the city of Vienna. The Viennese love the island with its many beaches, wave pools and water slides. With its refreshing water temperature, the Old Danube provides the necessary cooling, especially in summer, inviting young and old to swim, bathe and go boating. For the small appetite there are numerous cafés, restaurants and bars on the Gänsehäufel and along the Old Danube. However, it is not just beautiful in summer, but also in spring and autumn. A walk along the Old Danube is one of our absolute insider tips! With the underground line U1 you can easily reach the station "Alte Donau" from Vienna Central Station, Stephansplatz and Praterstern.

Lake Wörth in Carinthia: Maria Wörth

Did you know that the peninsula Maria Wörth was indeed an island until 1770? In the 9th century a Marienkirche ("Church of the Virgin Mary") was already built here, which was a popular place of pilgrimage. Today the peninsula and church in Maria Wörth are a popular destination for visitors and a perfect postcard and instagram motif. Surrounded by the turquoise-blue water of Lake Wörth ("Wörthersee") and the mountains of the Karawanken, the peninsula of Maria Wörth shines brightly.

Hallein in Salzburg: Perner Island

The Perner Island ("Pernerinsel") is located in the centre of the city of Hallein and is a natural island in the river Salzach. In the middle of the 19th century a brewhouse was built here, which was used to extract salt from the Salzburg Dürnberg. Today, however, it is in use for other purposes: Fans of theatre and opera know the Perner Island as the venue of the Salzburg Music Festival ("Salzburger Festspiele").

Traunsee in Upper Austria: Schloss Ort

In the Salzkammergut region a picturesque, small island in the Traunsee is located, which is mainly known from the TV show Schlosshotel Orth. 144 episodes were filmed at the castle on the lake ("Seeschloss") in Gmunden. What many do not know: The castle is not a hotel at all, but is used as a museum and event location. Incidentally, the location is particularly popular for bridal couples.

Lake Faak in Carinthia: Faaker-See-Island

Since Carinthia is the province with the most lakes in Austria, it is obvious that there are more islands here than anywhere else in the country. In the middle of Lake Faak ("Faaker See") you can discover the Faaker-See-Island. Austria's one and only island hotel is also located here. You do not have to be a hotel guest to visit the island. You can take a water taxi to the island and then relax on the beach or try out water sports such as windsurfing and sailing.

Graz in Styria: Mur Island

Since Graz was European Capital of Culture in 2003, the city also has an island. Imbedded in the river Mur, not far from the main square, you can find the Mur Island ("Murinsel"). The floating platform has the shape of a shell and was built according to plans by the New York artist Vito Acconci. On the island there is a popular coffee house and a small arena, which can also be used for private events.

Danube in Vienna: Danube Island

Austria's largest island is 21 kilometres long, up to 250 metres wide and has an area of almost four square kilometres. This artificial island was built between 1972 and 1988 to protect the city from flooding. It separates the Danube ("Donau") from the New Danube ("Neue Donau"), one of the most popular local recreation areas of the Viennese. On the island you can cycle, walk, barbecue, swim and simply have a good time. Every June, the Danube Island Festival ("Donauinselfest") is held here, which is considered the largest open-air festival in Europe and the largest free music festival in the world.

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