Bella Italia, bella Sicilia!

The smell of pizza, pasta, espresso and a gentle breeze from the sea: That’s Bella Italia! Soon Austrian myHoliday will take you to even more destinations in Italy. As of April 26, we start with Sicily’s capital Palermo. Diverse mountain scenery and spectacular seaside beaches: That’s Bella Sicilia!


Bella Italia

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Everybody who has been to Italy knows: The place is filled with the smell of pizza right out of the brick oven, freshly made pasta, hot espresso and a balmy breeze from the sea! Every day we fly from Vienna to various Italian cities such as Rome, Milan and Florence.
With Austrian myHoliday you now have the opportunity to discover even more great cities in Bella Italia : Cagliari, Catania, Genoa, Lamezia Terme, Naples, Olbia and Sicily’s capital Palermo . More than enough reason to dedicate our next redblog stories to the country of pizza, pasta & Co.

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Italy – that means delicious food, mediterranean spirit and that special holiday feeling. So, what does Italy mean to you? We have asked our Facebook Community and here’s what they say

Italy is heaven on earth, dolce vita ! Our fans think of good food and wine, of passion and a very emotional language with a lot of gestures . Some would love to visit Italy; for others, it is already a second home – and where their heart is. Short and sweet: Italy is THE place to be!

Bella Sicilia

Sizilien Isole Eolie


The Italian island of Sicily is the perfect holiday destination for all those who can’t make up their mind between seaside and mountains . Because here is where you get both! Mountains and hills take up 80% of Sicily’s landmass. Its highest mountain is Mt. Etna, a volcano of 3,345 metres, which is also the largest volcano in Europe.
And Sicily does not only have the highest volcano, it also has the largest amount of sunshine hours in Europe : here the sun shines an average of 300 day a year. So, make sure to bring your sunglasses! 😉

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Apart from hiking and swimming Sicily also has a lot to offer in terms of culture and urban life – and that is in Palermo . Palermo is the capital of Sicily and a city of contrasts, too. On the one hand you have the dilapidated, yet so memorable old houses of the city’s historical quarter of Kalsa , while on the other hand modern urban buildings dominate the quieter district of Libertá with its wide, green avenues. In Palermo, life’s motto is equanimity, and the people of Palermo have been cultivating it for ages. Life can be pretty loud and chaotic in Palermo. But with a little bit of patience you will get to know an exciting city that has something to offer for all your senses….

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Palermo Cathedral

Discover the sunny island of Sicily and exceptional Palermo: As of April 26, Austrian myHoliday takes you from Vienna to Palermo – for more information click here .

      • Palermo is said to be the stronghold of Jazz in Italy and one of the capitals of Jazz in Europe. The historical quarter of Kalsa is home to one of the most famous Jazz schools in Europe.
      • If you wish to buy particularly beautiful souvenirs visit the store “La Coppola Storta” (“the slanted cap”). A coppola is a billed cap, which in former times used to be the Mafia’s trademark. Today it has become a symbol of freeing the land from the Mafia.

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