The Best Tips for Dusseldorf

The Best Tips for Dusseldorf | Editor: Florian Lieke

Dusseldorf often stands in the shadow of Cologne. From our viewpoint: Totally unjustified! We will show you why Dusseldorf is worth a trip.


What Are Must-Dos in Dusseldorf?

Strolling Through the Old Town of Dusseldorf

Who does not enjoy strolling through an old town, marvelling at the old facades and feeling taken back in time? In Dusseldorf, this is also an easy task and the old town captivates with beautiful buildings, such as the town hall or the basilica St. Lambertus. The old town is the historical, cultural and political centre of the city of Dusseldorf. So if you want to enjoy good food or shopping in addition to culture, the old town is the place to be.

A Shopping Tour on the "Kö"

Anyone who hasn't visited the Kö ("Königsallee") at least once during a city trip to Dusseldorf has not really experienced the city. The famous shopping mile is located in the city centre of Dusseldorf and accommodates numerous shops, boutiques and stores. Luxury and exclusivity are written in capital letters on the Königsallee, which is why the city also has a reputation as one of the most elegant shopping metropolises in the world. Those who are not a fan of luxury or shopping should nevertheless take a look at the avenue. The numerous trees and the river "Düssel" give the boulevard a pleasant atmosphere and are at least as worth seeing as the noble boutiques.

Dusseldorf Königsallee
Sushi in the Japanese quarter of Dusseldorf

Eating Sushi in the Japanese Quarter

Sushi in Dusseldorf? In no other German city you can eat sushi as good as here. Why? The metropolis accommodates numerous citizens of Japanese origin. In the course of the years, an own quarter has developed between Berliner Allee, Klosterstraße, Charlottenstraße and Graf-Adolf-Straße. Once there, one feels as if one has been taken to another world, which is why it is often referred to as "Little Tokyo". Japanese supermarkets, restaurants, shops and even a Buddhist temple are to be found here - and the best Sushi in Germany. So make sure to stop by and enjoy the international flair.

What Are the Must-Sees in Dusseldorf?

Media Harbour Dusseldorf

If you google Dusseldorf, you will soon notice the quirky houses and unusual buildings. The architectural masterpieces on the banks of the Rhine are home to numerous offices as well as trendy bars, pubs and restaurants. While a few years ago the area received no attention at all, today it is one of the absolute hotspots in Dusseldorf. So a trip to the Media Harbour is a must on any city trip. It's best to grab a cool drink or coffee on site and let the extraordinary scenery work its magic.

Media harbour Dusseldorf
Rhine Tower Dusseldorf

Rhine Tower Dusseldorf

Located only a stone's throw away from the Media Harbour and also a landmark of the city of Dusseldorf: the Rhine Tower. The tower is about 240 metres high and thrones over Dusseldorf. At a height of about 170 metres, it also offers the best view over the entire city and the Rhine. Sports enthusiasts can even use the 960 steps instead of the elevator.


The daily opening hours of the Rhine Tower are from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm, Friday and Saturday until 1:00 am.

Castle Tower and Castle Square in Dusseldorf

If you walk along the beautiful Rhine promenade, you will also find our next must-see in the immediate vicinity: the picturesque castle tower and the lively and historic castle square of Dusseldorf. The history of the castle tower dates back to the 13th century and friends of shipping can now learn more about the history of the tower and shipping in the museum located there. On the other hand, the castle square and the Rhine stairs invite you to linger with a cool Dusseldorf Altbier (traditional and top-fermented beer).

Where Do You Eat Best in Dusseldorf?

Rhenish cuisine has a lot to offer and is particularly meaty and hearty. From mustard roasts and black pudding to rolls with raw minced pork and onions: friends of home cooking get their money's worth in Dusseldorf. To enjoy the local cuisine to the fullest, it's best to go to Füchschen, Himmel & Ähd or the Tonhalle Kaiserswerth. But there are also excellent restaurants for vegetarians in Dusseldorf, for example Sattgrün or Laura's Deli. For those who prefer exotic food, we recommend the Japanese quarter, as already described. You can get the best sushi in town at Nagoya or Yabase.

Rhenish blood pudding
Dusseldorf Altbier

Where Is the Best Place to Go for a Drink in Dusseldorf?

If you are looking for a bar or pub in Dusseldorf, you will definitely find one. It's not for nothing that people often talk about the longest bar in the world. However, the term doesn't refer to a metre-long counter, it describes the dense settlement of more than 250 pubs and bars in Dusseldorf's Old Town. If you like it rustic and iconic, the best places to go are Et Kabüffke Killepitschstube, Uerige or Schumacher. On the other hand, if you're a fan of cocktails, the AQ-Bar, Elephant Bar or riva are the best choice. But one thing is particularly important: never order a Kölsch in Dusseldorf!

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