Catania Travel Guide

Catania Travel Guide | Editor: Florian Lieke

Bella Italia! Bella Catania! In this article we will reveal our best travel tips for the Sicilian city of Catania and what you should not miss.


When Is the Best Time to Travel to Catania?

Those who travel to Catania can expect a typical Mediterranean climate. While the summer months are often hot and rarely wet, the winter months are characterised by pleasant and mild temperatures. Even in January average temperatures of around 14 degrees are expected, making the Sicilian city suitable for an excursion or weekend trip all year round. Those who like to combine their holidays with beach and sea are also in good hands here. In the months from June to August not only the outside temperatures create the best conditions for a successful beach and bathing holiday, but also the water temperatures of the sea.

View of Mount Etna from below

What Are the Must-Visit Attractions in Catania?

The Amphitheatre of Catania

Those who are interested in history and culture should not miss the amphitheatre during a holiday or trip to Catania, as its history goes back to the 1st and 2nd centuries. The theatre is located in the centre of the city, is easy to reach and is particularly eye-catching because of its presentation and preservation. At that time, the sickle-shaped complex had a capacity for about 7000 people and was primarily used for music and dance performances. Today, although there are no longer any events held there, the theatre and the adjacent museum can be visited. From our point of view: definitely recommendable!

The Cathedral of Catania

The Cathedral of Catania

Our next highlight also shows a long past history. The Cathedral of Catania was built in the 11th century and should not be missed on your trip. If you move to the main square of the city, the so-called Piazza Duomo, the cathedral will immediately catch your eye. In general, it is worth a detour to the square, as the magnificent cathedral is surrounded by many other breathtaking buildings. It is best to enjoy an Italian coffee with a view of the baroque facade of the cathedral before you enter the interior. Once there, you will find impressive tombs, a beautiful chapel and numerous ancient relics.

The Castello Ursino

Our next must-see is enthroned high above the city and the sea: the Castello Ursino. Again, history dates back into the 12th and 13th centuries and even the eruption of the volcano Etna in 1669 left the castle almost undamaged. The colossal building is square in shape, captivates with four round towers and is a real feast for the eyes as soon as you approach. Inside the castle you will find the municipal museum, which contains numerous works of art from ancient times to the present day. But also the view of the underlying city and the sea are more than just worthwhile.

What Should You Definitely Do in Catania?

Strolling Through the Old Town of Catania

Would you like to experience and get to know all three highlights mentioned? Then combine it with a walk through the old town. All three sights are just a few minutes' walk away from each other and can thus be combined with a relaxed stroll through the old town. Let yourself be carried away by the magic of the city and enjoy a refreshing drink or real Italian coffee at one of the many bars and cafés.

The old town of Catania

Spending the Day at the Sea of Catania

Are you planning a beach holiday in Catania or would you like to cool off during your city trip and spend a day by the water? Then the beach of Catania is the right place for you! The so-called "La Playa" extends over 18 kilometres and is therefore perfectly suited to enjoy a little sea breeze as well as the unique panorama with a view of the Etna. La Playa also has a lot to offer in the evening and you can enjoy the sunset at one of the numerous beach bars.

View of Mount Etna

Visiting Mount Etna

Nothing characterises the cityscape of Catania as much as the volcano Etna. No matter where you are in the city, you can see the impressive elevation of the volcano almost everywhere. So what should not be missing on a trip to Catania? An excursion to the landmark of the region! From Catania there are numerous possibilities and providers to climb the Etna. For those who like it more comfortable, we recommend the ascent with the cable car and a subsequent tour of the crater with a mountain guide. Sturdy shoes and warm clothes are an advantage, as the path is very rocky and it can get cold quickly at an altitude of more than 3000 metres. The more adventurous can take part in a guided hike, which is absolutely unique.

What Should You Definitely Eat in Catania?

Whoever travels to Catania can look forward to a wide selection of delicacies of the Sicilian cuisine. As in the rest of the country, the local cuisine includes typical Italian products and offers a wide variety of fish, meat and cheese dishes. But also influences from the Arabic, Spanish and Greek cuisine are clearly visible here. These can be found especially in the sweets, which are available here in abundance. From cannoli, deep-fried dough rolls with a sweet creamy filling, to Frutti della Martorana, the world-famous marzipan fruits, there is plenty on offer here.

Sicilian orange tree in Catania

Those who prefer a low-fat and healthier diet will also get their money's worth here. Sicily is famous for its juicy oranges, whose trees can be found in almost every street. Especially on hot summer days the fruits are perfect for a little refreshment.

Fish lovers should definitely try the famous swordfish or involtini, a grilled fish cocktail, in Catania. Also, the famous fish market, La Pescheria in Catania, should not be missed out on a trip. Gourmets are in good hands in Catania and will certainly not be disappointed by the culinary offer.

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