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City Trip Frankfurt am Main | Editor: Florian Lieke

With our travel tips for Frankfurt am Main, we show you that Frankfurt has more to offer than just a large airport and is worth a trip.

View Over Frankfurt Am Main

How Much Time Should One Bring Along for a City Trip to Frankfurt?

Frankfurt am Main is the perfect place for a short trip. The city's mainstays are the city centre, the old town and the district of Sachsenhausen, which are compact and clearly structured. From there you can reach everything by foot or public transport. Two to three days should be enough to get to know the city better. If you want to spend some time shopping, in museums or with trips around Frankfurt besides sightseeing, we recommend you to plan one more day. Especially in the summer months it is worthwhile to go on an excursion to the surrounding area or to simply spend a relaxing day on the banks of the river Main.

What Are the Must-Sees in Frankfurt Am Main?

Frankfurt Alte Oper

Let's start our tour with a historical heritage of the city of Frankfurt, which can be easily reached by the underground. The Alte Oper ("old opera house") was built in the 19th century, destroyed in the Second World War and completely rebuilt in 1981. Today it is one of the architectural masterpieces of the city and is the venue for numerous operas, symphony orchestras and musicals. As the opera house is quite popular, you should book as early as possible if you want some tickets.

Frankfurt Alte Oper
Frankfurt Hauptwache

Frankfurt's Hauptwache Station

Only a few steps away you can already find our next must-see: The Hauptwache station ("main guard-house"). The Hauptwache is considered by many people in Frankfurt as the city center and is one of the most famous places in Frankfurt. But where does the name actually come from? Until the 19th century, the square was the headquarters of the city army and even housed a prison. Today, only the charming baroque guard-house reminds us of the past, which is particularly polarising in the midst of the new buildings and serves as a café today. It is also worth taking a look to the left: the beautiful St. Katharinenkirche ("St. Catherine's Church") matches the baroque guard house.

Frankfurt's Skyline

Arrived at the Hauptwache, the impressive Frankfurt skyline falls directly into your field of vision. Here, you can find a bunch of skyscrapers and you will often have the feeling that you are not in Frankfurt, but in New York. Especially the Commerzbank building and the Main Tower are outstanding and belong to the highest buildings in Frankfurt am Main and Germany. If you want a 360-degree view of the city, you should enjoy the magnificent panoramic view from the 200-meter-high Main Tower. On the other hand, for those who want to have the skyline in their field of vision, we recommend the rooftop terrace of Galeria Kaufhof. From there, one has the best view of the skyline and Hauptwache.

Frankfurt Skyline
Frankfurt Old Town

Frankfurt's Old Town

It is only a few steps from Frankfurt city centre to the old town. Once there, one feels taken back in time and feels the complete contrast to the modern city centre. Especially around the main square, the Römerberg, one can admire some distinctive buildings and half-timbered houses. Also the town hall, the Römer, as well as the imperial cathedral St. Bartholomäus can be found there and are absolutely worth seeing. The history of the town hall can be traced back to the 15th century, whereas the history of the imperial cathedral even goes back to the 7th century. Accordingly, both buildings are interesting, historically significant, impressive and definitely worth a visit.

Eiserner Steg Frankfurt

Our last sight is also a defining landmark of the Frankfurt cityscape: the Eiserner Steg ("iron bridge"). This pedestrian bridge has been connecting Frankfurt's old town with the popular district of Sachsenhausen since 1868. Although the bridge was destroyed during the Second World War, it was rebuilt after the war without any changes. From the bridge you have the best panoramic view of the river Main, the skyline and the old town. Therefore, it is a perfect motive for some nice memories of the city trip. In addition, the iron bridge has been used for love locks for several years now and is therefore very popular among couples who have just fallen in love. Maybe you will also seal your love (for Frankfurt) with a lock?

Frankfurt Eiserner Steg
Shopping trip in Frankfurt

Where Is the Best Place to Go Shopping in Frankfurt Am Main?

As a shopaholic you will certainly get your money's worth in Frankfurt am Main. The city offers numerous opportunities to give free rein to your shopping frenzy. For example, on Frankfurt's Zeil, one of the best-known and highest-turnover shopping streets in Germany. From individual shops to the large shopping centre "MyZeil", there are plenty of opportunities here. Close to the central railway station, the Skyline Plaza Frankfurt is also an excellent place to go shopping. On the other hand, if you are looking for delicacies, the Kleinmarkthalle is the place to go. From Monday to Saturday, fresh food of all kinds is presented by over 60 retailers.

What and Where Does One Eat Best in Frankfurt Am Main?

There is one thing above all that certainly belongs to the traditional cuisine of Frankfurt: the Green Sauce. This cold herb sauce is more popular than any other dish in Frankfurt. It is traditionally served with boiled eggs and potatoes. And where is the best place to try Frankfurt's Green Sauce? In the district of Sachsenhausen! For example in the rustic restaurants Zur Buchscheer, Apfelweinwirtschaft Proletariat or at Ebbelwoi Unser. And speaking of "Ebbelwoi": Frankfurt's Ebbelwoi ("apple wine") is also typical for the city and should definitely be tasted. There are also numerous possibilities for this in various pubs in Sachsenhausen or the old town.

Frankfurt green sauce
Frankfurt surrounding area

Which excursions can be made around Frankfurt am Main?

The area around Frankfurt am Main has a lot to offer. The two historic and picturesque cities of Mainz and Wiesbaden are definitely worth a day trip. While Mainz captivates with its cathedral and its market breakfast, Wiesbaden impresses with its beautiful wine region, its thermal springs and casinos. For those who are more interested in nature, we recommend either a visit to the Frankfurt Palmengarten or an excursion to the ruins of Frankenstein Castle. The castle ruins are located on the western edge of the Odenwald and promise a fabulous view over the Rhine Plain.

Flights to Frankfurt am Main with Austrian Airlines

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