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a bit of variety this summer

It doesn’t always have to be Majorca, a Greek island or the Adriatic if you want to enjoy a truly amazing summer holiday. Increasing numbers of travellers nowadays are seeking a bit of variety instead – and above all the chance to cool off – when summer comes. The Mediterranean (or even the Austrian lakes) don’t even show up on their list – because many of us are actually seeking more bearable temperatures as a backdrop to those city trips and road trips. So this week, we’re sharing our tips with you for the coolest summer trips, in every sense of the word.

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Head for the land of elves and trolls: Iceland

If you want to get away from the hot summer temperatures, we recommend you check out northern Europe. The temperature in Iceland rarely rises above 20 °C, and there are fewer rainy days in summer than during the other seasons. Iceland’s spectacular landscape will enchant you and bring you under its spell. Did you know the majority of the inhabitants of the Nordic island state believes in elves, trolls and magical signs?

Thermal spas

Relax in thermal spas like the Blue Lagoon or Mývatn natural pool for a few hours.

#Ring road

Keep a wary eye out for elves and trolls along the Ring Road.


Visit the loveliest waterfalls on the island: Gulfoss, Seljalandsfoss and Svartifoss.


On rainy days, take in the museums in the capital, Reykjavik.


We fly non-stop from Vienna to Reykjavik several times a week.

Enjoy the summer, Scandinavian style

Denmark and Sweden continually claim the top spots in those global surveys of which countries enjoy the highest quality of life. And if you’ve ever been lucky enough to enough a trip to these Scandinavian countries, you’ll soon realise why. What’s more, thanks to the long days in summer, you can get much more done during this season than elsewhere. You should definitely pack an eye-mask while there, though, or you risk not being able to get any shut-eye whatsoever (until you get back home, perhaps).



Experience Gothenburg’s outstanding, award-winning restaurants.


Hang out with the kite surfers, horse riders, sailors and super-brave swimmers on the Danish island of Rømø.


Take an early-morning stroll through the Old City district of Copenhagen and have the place pretty much to yourself.


Take a city trip to Edinburgh

We have to declare an interest here: we just can’t help loving Scotland! The dreamy wildernesses of the national parks and countless lochs in the far north of the United Kingdom are just one reason why we feel so good about being here, however. Scotland’s natural landscape is unique, yes – but the Scottish capital will always be worth a visit too.


You can enjoy the best view across Edinburgh from Calton Hill.

#Harry Potter

Harry Potter Fans will also find plenty to do in this part of the world: Joanne K. Rowling wrote sections of the famous series of books and films at the Café Elephant House. There are also dedicated Harry Potter Tours through the city, by the way, which enables you to discover special locations and sources of inspiration.


There are numerous weird and wonderful museums in Edinburgh, including the Anatomical Museum, Surgeons’ Hall and Camera Obscura.


You can get to Edinburgh by car in just a few hours by flying into Manchester or London – with no extra charge for the beautiful panorama.

A road trip through the Baltic

The Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania definitely belong on our list of unusual and cooler destinations for a trip in the summer months. If you want to explore the three countries on your own, try starting off with a road trip in Vilnius, then head north inland, before travelling back again along the coast.

Tallinn Austrian Airlines


In Estonia, potter through the narrow alleyways in Tallinn’s old city, admire the castles and nature on the island of Saaremaa, and visit the charming village of Viljandi.


In Latvia, succumb to the excellent cuisine in Riga, feel as if you’re at the end of the world at Cape Kolka, and pay a visit to the majestic Rundāle Palace.

#Art & nature

In Lithuania, sit back and relax in the port town of Klaipėda, contemplate depictions of evil from around the world at the Devils’ Museum in Kaunas, and visit the ‘state’ of Užupis declared by artists in Vilnius.

Where will you be spending your summer this year? Will you be heading for cooler regions like these, or do you feel more at home on balmier islands like Mauritius?

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