Corona Travel Tips From Flight Attendant Kim (1/4)

Corona Travel Tips From Flight Attendant Kim (1/4) | Editor: Florian Lieke

Travelling in times of Corona can be demanding – but it doesn't have to be! In this article, flight attendant Kim reveals exclusive tips for your travel planning and preparation.


Travel Tips From Flight Attendant Kim

Servus! I'm Kim, 22 years old and was born and raised in Germany's Black Forest region. I have been working as a Junior Flight Attendant at Austrian Airlines since January 2017 and accompany the A320 Family, the Embraer 195 and the Boeing 767. 

Flying is my absolute passion – even in times like these! For this reason, I would like to take you with me on my trip to Amman and give you a few recommendations and tips so that you are well prepared for your next trip. In this blog post, I'll share my tips for planning and preparation.

Austrian Airlines flight attendant Kim
First things first: how do you start planning your trip?

Travel Planning in Times of Corona

The first thing I do is to have a look at my work schedule and ask myself the questions: who am I flying with? When is my check-in? And particularly important in times like these: have I scheduled a Corona test before my duty? I also familiarise myself with the flight-specific details in order to be perfectly prepared for the upcoming briefing.

For longer stops, a negative Corona test is mandatory due to current country regulations. It is also reassuring for our passengers to know that all crew members have tested negative for COVID-19.

Flight attendant Kim researching in the internet
Austrian Airlines flight attendant Kim and one of her colleagues

Research and Insider Tips From Colleagues

It is pretty obvious that not just the flight itself is a wonderful part of our job, but also getting to know new countries and cultures, travelling and discovering. It will be my first trip to Amman and my curiosity and anticipation to get to know the world of Jordan is even greater.

When I travel to a destination for the first time, I do research beforehand or ask colleagues for tips. Insider tips from flight attendants or pilots are the best, and through the experiences of colleagues, you can save a lot of time doing research and discover things that you may not find on the internet.

As a passenger, what is the best way to prepare yourself?

Travel Planning as a Passenger

As a passenger, you can find all the information you need on our website and on our Austrian Blog. If you would like to get to know our destinations better, and if you are looking for travel recommendations, you should definitely take a look at our microsite. The site provides information on the latest entry requirements and allows you to book flights directly. Especially in times like these, when you can get confused very quickly, we offer the optimal preparation for an uncomplicated and, above all, safe trip. Furthermore, you can find detailed information and tips on the check-in process, protective measures and entry regulations here.

View of Austrian Airlines platforms for research
What should not be missing on a trip at the moment?
View of Kim's luggage

Must-Haves in Times of Corona

For my trip, a negative COVID-19 test, a good supply of FFP2 masks and hand sanitizer are essential. My mobile phone and a charging cable are the two most important things on my trip so that I can capture and share all the wonderful moments. In addition, I always check the weather forecast before I travel so that I do not get surprised by rain or cold weather and to be perfectly equipped. The things I look forward to most are the time with the crew, the flight itself, but also getting to know new places. Locations that I'm flying to for the first time, and that I don't know through private travel, make this job unique and exciting at the same time.

What did you miss most during the Corona pandemic?

The Anticipation of Travel

Since the beginning of the pandemic, our layovers have become very rare and we don't travel as much as we did before. Travelling, getting to know new places and making it possible for people to have a comfortable time on board, that is what our life is all about and what we stand for at Austrian Airlines. That's why we enjoy the little time in the air and layovers all the more. I particularly missed the breakfasts in the hotel, including hours of conversation with colleagues. Unfortunately, packing my suitcase still challenges me. Nevertheless, I always try to pack as minimalistic as possible.

Austrian Airlines flight attendant Kim and her colleagues
A brief summary of all tips

#Tip 1:

Travelling in times of COVID-19 demands a bit more planning than usual. Therefore, visit our website or Austrian Blog to get all the information you need.

#Tip 2:

You are in good hands with us. We are happy to help you with any questions or uncertainties that may arise while travelling.

#Tip 3:

Last but not least: take it easy! Travelling can be demanding, but a good amount of preparation is all you need.

Rediscover the World with Austrian Airlines

Are you asking yourself what kind of measures are taken at the airport and how to protect yourself most effectively? In that case, don't miss our next blog story, in which Kim reveals her best tips for the current situation at the airport. If you also feel like travelling now, book your flight with us right here:

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