Corona Travel Tips From Flight Attendant Kim (2/4)

Corona Travel Tips From Flight Attendant Kim (2/4) | Editor: Florian Lieke

Travelling in times of Corona can be tedious – but it doesn't have to be! In this article, flight attendant Kim reveals exclusive tips for the current situation at the airport.


Travel Tips From Flight Attendant Kim

Servus! I'm Kim, 22 years old and was born and raised in Germany's Black Forest region. I have been working as a Junior Flight Attendant at Austrian Airlines since January 2017 and accompany the A320 Family, the Embraer 195 and the Boeing 767. 

Flying is my absolute passion – even in times like these! For this reason, I would like to take you with me on my trip to Amman and give you a few recommendations and tips so that you are well-prepared for your next trip. In this blog post, I'll share my tips for the current situation and your stay at the airport.

Austrian Airlines flight attendant Kim
What kind of security measures have been taken at Vienna International Airport?
Passengers and Austrian Airlines flight attendant at Vienna International Airport

Vienna International Airport in Times of Corona

In order to protect travellers, the measures at Vienna International Airport have also been adapted to the current situation. Not only the observance of the minimum distance but also the sufficient possibility to disinfect one's hands, make your stay at the airport safe and comfortable. The ground staff pay great attention to the correct observance of all measures during the stay at the airport as well as during boarding, such as wearing the FFP2-Mask. At the gate, as well as at all other seating options, every second seat is blocked in order to be able to guarantee the minimum distance.

How can passengers contribute to the safety at the airport?

Security Precautions as a Passenger

As a passenger, you can also contribute to the safety at the airport. It facilitates our work on the ground and on board enormously if passengers show all necessary entry documents and a current Covid-19 test or vaccination certificate (if necessary) at the gate – or at least have them ready to hand. In addition, passengers do not just protect themselves but also others with a FFP2-mask and an appropriate minimum distance.

Man using disinfector at Vienna International Airport
What can I do if I forgot my negative test result?
Covid-19 test at Vienna International Airport

Test Centre at Vienna International Airport

Of course, it is best to have a negative Covid-19 test before arriving at the airport. This way, you can avoid a lot of stress and start your holiday safely and without any concerns. But don't worry: if you have forgotten your Covid-19 test, you can also get tested at the Health Center at Vienna International Airport. The Health Center offers PCR tests as well as antigen tests and you will receive your results within a very short time.

What is your insider tip for current stays at the airport?

Insider Tip for the Current Situation at the Airport

One important tip for a carefree and relaxed beginning of your holiday at the airport is to plan enough time. Even if the procedures at the airport itself have only changed minimally, I still recommend planning a time buffer. Additionally, the ground staff are well-informed and happy to assist you with any questions that may arise during your stay at the airport.

Woman checking-in at Vienna International Airport
A brief summary of all tips

#Tip 1:

At the airport, keep a sufficient distance from fellow travellers, wear a proper FFP2-mask and always have your travel documents within reach.

#Tip 2

Depending on country regulations, a negative Covid-19 test may be mandatory upon entry. If you forgot to get tested before arriving at the airport, you can also do so at the Health Center at Vienna International Airport.

#Tip 3:

Always include some extra time in your plans as a buffer. Even if the procedures at the airport have only changed minimally, stress can be avoided by having enough time.

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