Corona Travel Tips From Flight Attendant Kim (4/4)

Corona Travel Tips From Flight Attendant Kim (4/4) | Editor: Florian Lieke

Travelling in times of Corona can be tedious – but it doesn't have to be! In this article, flight attendant Kim reveals exclusive tips for the entry and arrival.


Travel Tips From Flight Attendant Kim

Servus! I'm Kim, 22 years old and was born and raised in Germany's Black Forest region. I have been working as a Junior Flight Attendant at Austrian Airlines since January 2017 and accompany the A320 Family, the Embraer 195 and the Boeing 767. 

Flying is my absolute passion – even in times like these! For this reason, I would like to take you with me on my trip to Amman and give you a few recommendations and tips so that you are well-prepared for your next trip. In this blog post, I'll share my tips for the entry and arrival.

Austrian Airlines flight attendant Kim
How was the arrival at the airport in Amman?
View of rocky landscape in Amman

Arrival at the Airport

After the last steps on board, we could finally head towards entry. At the airport itself, as at many airports worldwide, there was minimal activity. Unfortunately, due to the crisis, there is still a loss of passengers, which is especially noticeable in the large airport buildings. If you want to contribute to a quick processing at the airport, you should always have all the necessary documents at hand. Once again, we were all tested negative for COVID-19 by means of a PCR test, before we could finally make our way to the hotel.

How was the arrival at the hotel?

Arrival at the Hotel

As everywhere else, the obligation to wear a mask in the hotel and on the crew bus applied at all times. Once we arrived at the hotel, we got tips from the concierge and decided to go to Petra the next day. This is of course a must-see for anyone planning a trip to Amman. In addition, the concierge gave us important tips and rules of conduct, so that we were well-prepared for our trip. After unpacking our suitcases, we all went to bed early, because we knew that the next day would promise a full programme.

Camel in Amman
What was the situation like on site?
Crew in Petra

The Current Situation on Site

With a lot of energy, we set off for Petra. In the morning, I packed the remaining things for the long day ahead. For the hot day, enough water, sunscreen and of course sufficient masks were not to be missed. Masks continue to be our faithful companions here as well. Our shuttle had already been waiting in front of the hotel at 7 am. After a four-hour bus ride, we finally arrived in Petra and were already full of energy. We did not need an entrance test or proof of vaccination for the tour. Nevertheless, I recommend that you always have them at hand, no matter where and when, so that you can present them in case of doubt.

In general, the people in Jordan are relatively relaxed about the situation. We walked for three to four hours through Petra at 32 degrees. I had imagined the site to be very imposing, but was still totally overwhelmed and positively surprised when we walked through the deep gorges and when we suddenly spotted the famous treasure house. We were also lucky and were one of the few tourist groups there. No long queues, no accumulations of people. Distance is and was always kept. I would definitely visit Petra again at any time. We had a wonderful day and drove back towards the hotel in the late afternoon with unique experiences and impressions in our hearts.

Austrian flight attendant Kim in Amman
A brief summary of all tips

#Tip 1:

To speed up the process upon arrival, you should always have all the necessary documents at hand.

#Tip 2:

You should always have your vaccination certificate or negative COVID-19 test with you when you go on excursions, so that you can present them in any case of doubt.

#Tip 3:

Wear a FFP2-mask, keep a sufficient distance, wash your hands: not just at home, but also abroad, the typical Corona etiquette applies. In this way, you do not just protect yourself, but others as well.

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