Exciting Facts About Flying and Aircraft

Exciting facts about flying and aircraft | Editor: Florian Lieke

How much does an airplane weigh and which headlights does it have? Can passenger jets do a loop-the-loop? Learn more about it here!

How much does an aircraft actually weigh?
Austrian Airlines aircraft in the air

How Much Does an Aircraft Actually Weigh?

Austrian Airlines:

There are different types of weight: dead weight, take-off weight or landing weight. The difference between the dead weight and the take-off weight is the payload. Christian Scheuer from the engineering department explains using an example: "The Airbus 319 has a dead weight of around 42 tons. During take-off, the payload, passengers and fuel are added. The aircraft can weigh up to 68 tons!". In other words, the aircraft takes off with a weight of 26 tons more or with a weight of about 360 people.

Can a passenger jet do a loop-the-loop?

Can a Passenger Jet Do a Loop-The-Loop?

Austrian Airlines:

Extreme figures are theoretically possible with scheduled flights, but in practice rather unlikely. A loop, or rollover, is a manoeuvre in which the aircraft flies an entire vertical circle. However, it requires a very high speed and the shutdown of some flight systems: "The aircraft could withstand the forces, but all installed flight systems would prevent this", describes colleague Wolfgang Kraus. "But a barrel roll would be possible!".

Austrian Airlines aircraft
What headlights does an aircraft have?
Austrian Airlines hangar

What Headlights Does an Aircraft Have?

Austrian Airlines:

A car headlight can have between five and 20 watts, aircraft headlights can reach a total wattage of about 2,250 watts. With this power, one could well operate an infrared cabin or switch on about 40 household light bulbs.

There are various types of aircraft headlights, the most important ones are as follows:

Landing Lights

They are switched on for takeoff and landing and have up to 600 watts.

Taxi Lights

The low beam light of a car is similar to the taxi lights of an airplane. They are switched on during the rolling movements on the ground and have between 400 - 450 watts.

Position Lights

The position lights indicate the position, flight or rolling direction. They light up green at the front right and red at the front left of the aircraft. Practically, they can be seen as the flashing lights of an airplane. They are highly energetic and flash once per second.

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