Flight Tips from Europe's Best Crew

It’s official: the Austrian Airlines Crew won the Best Airline Staff Service in Europe category in the Skytrax World Airline Awards recently – for the fifth year in a row! So who could possibly offer better tips on how to make flying as enjoyable an experience as possible than our flight attendants?


Flight tip no. 1: eat healthily

Marina likes to put together a packing list for every trip she makes – no matter whether she’s travelling on business or privately. “The only things I ever put in my suitcase are going to be used. Anything unnecessary can stay at home. When it comes to hand luggage, the packing list includes practical items like a pullover or s carf , as I feel the cold easily on the aircraft,” the flight attendant explains. Hand cream and lip balm should always be in there as well.

“One important tip when it comes to combatting jetlag: eat healthily, and try to do some sport. Also, do without alcohol on long-haul flights!”

Flight tip No. 2: choose the right seat

As a child, flight attendant Patrick particularly liked to sit near the wings . “I always found it exciting when the undercarriage would extend, and occasionally the aircraft would wobble slightly. If you’re frightened by turbulence, then you’re best off sitting as far forward in the aircraft as possible – that’s where the movement it causes in the cabin is least noticeable,” he advises.

Patrick’s tips when it comes to jetlag: “On long-haul flights , it’s always about whether you’re flying in an easterly or westerly direction. When

I’m flying to Asia, I usually treat myself to a two-hour power nap after landing. Then I get back up and explore the city, and don’t go to bed until 9.00 pm. If I’m flying to North America, though, I stay awake right through until nine o’clock in the evening. This way, I’m sufficiently tired when I go to bed and can get back into my rhythm again quickly.”

Flight tip no. 3: pack economically

Vanessa has a practical packing tip for us: economical packing. “If you only pack what’s absolutely necessary, you won’t just save yourself time, you’ll also spare your nerves at the security check . You can also get hold of lots of things cheaply at your destinations, of course, should you ever find you’re missing something really important.”

On long-haul flights in particular, and on stressful days of travel, it’s important to take lots of liquids with you. “I recommend at least two litres – preferably of still mineral water !”

Flight tip no. 4: travel in comfortable clothes

For flight attendant, Anja, wearing the right clothing when travelling is particularly important. The outfit needs to be comfortable so you can keep moving around while you’re on board. “It’s very important not to stay seated the whole time! Standing up regularly and walking around the cabin is easiest from an aisle seat,” she says.

You can also stay active in a window seat, however, without having to get up constantly. “Small movements , such as stretching out your legs or jiggling your toes, also help. It’s also important not to tie your shoes too tightly, and to take them off now and then.”

Flight tip no. 5: wear support stockings for more energy

“It may sound old-fashioned, but I swear by support stockings . On long-haul flights in particular, you can develop blood clots in the veins in your legs due to sitting for such a long period, making you feel worn-out. Support stockings can provide relief here – I wear them constantly,” flight attendant Anna explains. Since I’ve been doing so, I’ve also had sufficient energy after long intercontinental flights , and usually, like to explore the city straight away – without swollen legs.”

Anna has another tip for anyone planning a trip including connecting flights : “Be absolutely sure to plan in enough time to ensure you make your connection – particularly on international flights, ” she recommends. “That will calm your nerves , and a quick break between flights can often be very relaxing.”

Flight tip no. 6: take the perfect hand luggage

Medication, your passport, valuables – important items like these should all be in your hand luggage . Apart from these, however, it’s recommendable to pack as little as possible. “As a passenger, you often have to drag your bag or trolley for what can seem like miles from one gate to another, only then to have to stow it again once you’re on board . Personally, I always do myself a favour and make sure my hand luggage is as light as possible ,” says flight attendant Regina.

For long flights, she takes the smallest-size cosmetic items with her – these will get through the security check without any problems and still do their refreshing job. Moisturiser and eye drops should be your loyal companions at all times if you want to maintain a fresh look – even after a long-haul flight!

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