Flying with children - the best tips

Travelling by air with the younger generation in tow can be a challenge – for all involved. To ensure the next flight you take with kids turns out as pleasantly as possible, we carried out a short survey amongst myAustrian fans to get some top tips on how to spend a relaxed flight with children. Here are the best of those tips.


Flying can be pretty exciting and stressful for children. From booking until the time on board, there are a lot of tipps and tricks to help parents – and to make flying a real adventure for the little ones!

Book your flight for yourself and your kids right here. More good news to finish off with: Children under two fly for just ten percent of the flight price. Two- to ten-years-olds, meanwhile, pay 75% of the normal ticket price, one pushchair/baby buggy up to ten kg travels free!


Flight-approved infant seats may come along on board!

Infant car seats within the max. dimensions (43cm x 43cm) can be brought on board – for safety reasons only seats approved for transportation on board an aircraft may be used during take-off, landing, and whenever the fasten seat belt-sign is switched on.

When booking:

  • Get a window with a view. Reserve a seat by the window. Outside – whether it’s at the airport or in the air – there’s always something exciting waiting to be discovered for a child’s eyes.
  • Reserve a meal. Depending on what time you take off, order breakfast or lunch from the DO & CO à la carte menu in advance, so the children (and parents 😉 ) will be busy eating. And on short-haul flights, that can use up close to half the flight time.
IMG 9776

Everything packed for the holidays! Muffin cups (safe for nibbling) hardly take up any space and are useful for nibbling and playing for the little ones – on the plane and at the beach.

Before departure:

  • Travel clothes. Dress the kids in comfortable clothes – jogging bottoms, a T-shirt, their favourite pullover or some leggings. Pack pyjamas for long-haul flights.
  • The layered look is in: Don’t forget a cap and warm socks – air-conditioning is almost always too cold for kids.
  • Bring snacks: Pack enough savoury snacks, as well as healthy stuff and some small bites. Careful: Best not to go with sugary choices, otherwise the kids will be wound-up … exactly when you don’t want them to be.
  • Be aware of your littlest darlings’ needs. Pack a dummy, bottle, baby food and nappies for babies – as well as toys, biscuits and snacks, depending on their age. A change of clothes can often be helpful too.
  • All children are allowed to take their own little rucksack on board as hand luggage – for favourite soft toys, toys proper, picture books, crayons and colouring books, plasticine, card games and more – guaranteeing they don’t get bored.
  • Surprise! Get a small gift for the aircraft, something new – maybe a model airplane – while announcing it grandly in advance first, to maximise levels of anticipation and excitement. And by the way, kids will also receive a little toy on board.
  • Finally, let them watch television! Download your child’s favourite audio books, films or computer games on the tablet or mobile phone before departure. These can then be watched offline on board.
  • Don’t forget the headphones – if your child has their own already. Alternatively there will be headphones distributed on board our long haul flights.
  • Let off steam before take-off: If possible, the children should be given a chance to really move before all those hours of sitting still. At Vienna Schwechat Airport, the „ Family Fun Gate “ – next to the F Gates after security – a dedicated children’s experience world complete with slides, a climbing wall and a maze – is provided to help you do this. The visitors’ terrace is always worth a visit as well!
IMG 9774

Enough reading material, a refillable water bottle, the favourite cuddly toy, warm socks, glove puppets, sweets, … everything the young heart could want!

On the aircraft:

  • Ears aware! Keep a dummy, bottle, jelly babies or something else to hand, ready for babies to suck on during take-off or landing – to help equalise the pressure in those little ears.
  • Eat, eat, eat. Make the most of the on-board food – which is free, by the way, on flights lasting 3 hours 30 minutes or longer. Whether you’re a little person or a big one.
  • Curiosity makes knowledge makes curiosity: Kids like to ask questions! You can read up on fun facts and take a look behind the scenes here on the myAustrianBlog . Our colleagues on board will be glad to help you with questions! 😉
  • Finally some time with the parents! This could be the perfect opportunity to get together and try out some toys you’ve brought with you.
  • Accept help when it’s offered. Ask flight attendants for their support if necessary. It could be with a cushion, a blanket, maybe, something else to drink or just a helping hand.
  • Nighttime = sleeping time, even on planes! On long-haul flights, make sure the children have their pyjamas on – so they, too, know it’s time to go to sleep. If possible, reinforce the usual bedtime rituals by reading them a book, giving them another bottle, etc.
  • Whining. If the screaming carries on anyway: keep calm and act just as you would do anywhere else. Give them the dummy, something to drink or eat, sing soothing songs, walk up and down in the aisle.
IMG 9804

Time to sleep on board. <3

For co-passengers:

Finally a word of advice for co-passengers: Think back to your own childhood and your first flight. 😉 A smile usually helps parents, kids and yourself a lot more than rolling your eyes.

You can find more information about travelling with kids on our website. What could possibly go wrong? 😉 We’re already looking forward to seeing you on board and wish you a pleasant flight!

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