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Austrian Airlines hand luggage regulations

Your Austrian Airlines trip is booked and now’s the time to pack? Do you know what size and weight your hand luggage is allowed to have? We have the most important infos for you here!


Size matters for hand luggage …

Your hand luggage item must not exceed the dimensions 55x40x23 cm and a weight of 8 kg. You can check this at the airport using the hand baggage gauge which has the exact maximum permissible size. But it’s really best if you already think about it at home, choose your piece of hand luggage accordingly and weigh it!


Are you taking off for a wedding, a ball or perhaps an important meeting? Then you may bring a foldable garment bag with a maximum size of 57x54x15 cm as a hand luggage item instead. This will also avoid wrinkles in your gown or suit.

In addition to the hand luggage each passenger may bring one personal item on board. This can for instance be a laptop bag or a lady’s handbag. Those items must not exceed the dimensions 40x30x10 cm .

Are you travelling with children up to 2 years of age? Then you may take one these items on board: ababy carrying case, a child seat or a foldable stroller, which must be handed over at the door before boarding the aircraft.

This is the free hand luggage allowance:

Economy and Premium Economy Class guests: 1 item up to 8 kg, 55x40x23 cm
Business Class guests: 2 items of that same weight and size
In each booking class you can take one additional personal item with a maximum size of 40x30x10 cm with you!

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Content matters as well …

Less is more! Remember that your hand luggage will accompany you throughout your whole journey – it’s a good idea to make sure it will be light enough for you to carry and stow away. Smaller hand luggage and your personal item are best stowed under the seat in front of you, trolleys belong in the overhead bins.

Think first: What is it you that really need on board? Especially when it comes to liquids? Hand lotion, maybe eye drops and and lip balm to conquer the dry air? Any other liquids which you don’t need should rather be packed in your suitcase and checked in. When it comes to hand luggage, the rule is: Liquids are allowed, but “ think first, then pack”! Content matters too….

    • ● You are allowed to bring liquids filled into 3.4 oz / 100 ml containers
    • ● These containers must be put into a quart sized (1 liter), clear and re-sealable plastic bag
    • ● Only one plastic bag per passenger is allowed.

Medication and special foods (e.g. baby food) required during the flight may be carried outside the plastic bag, but must also be presented at the screening checkpoint.

Happy packing and have a good flight!

With our tips , a measuring tape and a luggage scale you’re now ready to get started. If only one of your flights is with Austrian Airlines and you transfer to another airline to reach your final destination, please make sure to take a look at their hand luggage regulations as well. Happy packing and we wish you a good flight!

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