Grüezi to Zurich!

Zurich is a sympathetic, diverse and likeably unrefined city. myAustrian fan Marlena has lived there for years now, and has the best tips you’re going to find anywhere. The expat gave us a few of those tips on just what you can get done in Zurich in just one weekend…


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A long weekend is the perfect amount of time to plan a trip to Switzerland’s largest city, Zurich . And to make absolutely sure your holiday money goes as far as possible, here are one or two tips on how you can see a huge amount of what the city has to offer in a few days (and still go home with a few Swiss Francs in your pocket). 😉

Friday evening, and you’re hungry? In this city, you’ll need to reserve a table at the weekend pretty well everywhere you go. Here’s a quick tip: if you go into the Niederdörfli (old city) you’ll find bars, restaurants, snack bars and shopping outlets galore. And you’ll also find everything you’re looking for here – and much more besides – if a burger, spaghetti or even fondue are more your thing. 🙂

After dinner, I recommend you head for the bar „ Edis Weinstube “. This used to be part of an old porn cinema. There may still be the odd nude photo left hanging on the walls, but the wine (which is bottled, of course ;)) is very good, and not too expensive.

And should the sun rise and you’re still out on the town, then you need to head for the Bellevue, near the Opera House. This party district with a slightly red-light feel has plenty to offer – including the city’s most in-demand club, the „ Mascotte “.

City flair to be enjoyed

Lake Zurich is a real highlight of the city, no matter whether you’re strolling along the banks of the lake on the Promenade , going for a swim or enjoying a boat trip out on the waves. You simply have to experience the Zürichsee, the lake . When the weather’s right, you’ll also meet people here enjoying a barbecue – or ‘grilling’, as the Swiss call it.

Shopping time

There are three major shopping centres near the main station, or Hauptbahnhof: Manor, Globus und Jelmoli . You’ll find anything you might possibly be looking for here, ranging from clothes through to decorations, food, electronic goods and much more besides. Another popular shopping district is on Europaallee , also near the station.

And if the shops are too expensive for you, I’d recommend you check out the flea market at Gerolds Garten . You’ll find vintage goods, antiques and much more here from 11.00 am onwards every Saturday. A quick tip: if you get a big peckish, you can also eat very well here. 🙂

No more money left for shopping? No problem. Zurich’s local mountain, the „ Ütliberg “, makes a great destination for a day-trip. You can take a train from the Hauptbahnhof practically to the top of the mountain, from where you can enjoy the amazing views. Hiking fans , meanwhile, can climb the mountain from a range of different starting points.

limmat altstadt

Do a relaxed Sunday

The best way to spend a great Sunday in Zurich is with a relaxed brunch. Some of the best places to do this are the Café Bebek , Huusmaa or Dini Mueter .

For any museum fans amongst you, meanwhile, there are always new exhibitions on at the Landesmuseum or Kunsthaus ,  ranging from “Europe in the Renaissance” through to shows by Impressionist artist Francis Picabia, one entitled the “History of Zurich” and many more. All of which means you can quench your thirst for knowledge and culture alike here.

So if I’ve made you curious about paying this wonderful city a visit, then just drop in – I look forward to seeing you in Zurich!

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