Hary Raithofer:
from Ö3 presenter to pilot

How did you come to switch from being a radio presenter to piloting an aircraft?


For many years, Hary Raithofer presented Ö3-Wecker, Austria’s best-known morning radio show. Until, that is, he was finally able to realise a life-long dream: to become a pilot. Here’s Hary’s story, and a recording of his most impressive approach flight.


I’d always wanted to fly. It was a real dream job for me. I’d aimed to do so for many years, and eventually found myself with the chance of turning that dream into reality, I’m enormously pleased to be able to say!

What’s the best thing about flying for you?

Despite the many ‘rules of the game’ that flying involves, the job still gives me a lovely feeling of freedom. It’s also a very complex job associated with a huge amount of responsibility. Subjecting yourself to challenges like these every day – and then overcoming them – is incredibly satisfying!

Where do you most like flying to, and why is that?

I like Tripoli, in Libya, very much, and our Russian destination. The experience of touching down in a completely different culture after just a few hours in the air, and then working together with the people there according to defined procedures is always enormously exciting and challenging.

What one flight will you always remember, and why?

On one flight to Ukraine, a passenger suffered a heart attack. After our cabin crew had provided the perfect first aid, we had landed as quickly as possible at the nearest airport, and we had provided the gentleman with assistance whilst still in the air, we were eventually able to save his life. Just one of many unforgettable experiences.

Fokker pilot Hary Raithofer experienced a particularly beautiful landing in Munich (route OS111 VIE-MUC). Here’s a short recording of that landing:

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