Holiday Tips for Santorini

Holiday Tips for Santorini | Editor: Florian Lieke

The Greek showpiece island Santorini has a lot to offer. What exactly, this is what we will reveal in our holiday tips for Santorini below.

Woman looking at the shore of Oia

Who Is Santorini Suitable For?

Santorini is romantic. Santorini is adventurous. Santorini is diverse. The ancient Greeks already knew hundreds of years ago that the Greek island is promising and unique. Almost everyone finds exactly what he or she is looking for on Santorini. Those who are looking for a beach and bathing holiday are just as well off here as those who are looking for an active holiday or a sightseeing tour. From dream beaches and breathtaking hiking trails to historic towns and villages - Santorini has something for everyone. The island is also ideal for families with children, thanks to its beautiful beaches and wide range of activities. And even those travelling alone will find a safe and suitable destination in Santorini.

When Is the Best Time to Visit Santorini?

The weather on Santorini can be classified as a typical Mediterranean climate. Mild to hot temperatures can be expected throughout the whole year. In the summer months from June to August the outside temperature can rise above 30 degrees and the water is also quite pleasant. So if you like to lie on the beach and swim in the sea, we definitely recommend the summer months from May to September. For those who prefer a more blooming, slightly cooler and also quieter time, spring is the right time to visit Santorini. But also in autumn you can still expect pleasant temperatures, an interesting natural spectacle and considerably less tourism. Perfect for exploring the island or enjoying an active holiday.

View of terrace and sea in Santorini

Which Are the 3 Most Beautiful Beaches on Santorini?

Red Beach Santorini

Red Beach Santorini

Our first beach is certainly one of the most extraordinary beaches on Santorini - and probably not only there, but all over Greece. As the name already predicts, a lot of red colour awaits you at Red Beach. The beach in the southwest of the island is surrounded by meter-high red rocks and the gravel is a mixture of red and black stones. Furthermore, clear and beautiful water awaits you here, which rounds off the experience. You can reach the beach from the car park by foot and buses also permanently drive to the bay. If you don't want to carry sunbeds and parasols, you can rent them on site. A visit to the Red Beach is certainly an absolute must during a Santorini holiday!

Vlychada Beach Santorini

We continue to the southern end of the island to a slightly quieter beach. The Vlychada Beach is about 800 metres long, also surrounded by beautiful rocks and impresses with its fine, black sand with white stones. The access to the water is especially shallow here, so that you can jump into the water at any time without any problems. The beach is also very suitable for families with children, as not only the shallow access to the water speaks for a perfect beach holiday, but also the immediate proximity to relatively cheap hotel facilities and accommodations. However, there is little action and entertainment here. If you are looking for that, we recommend our next beach.

Kamari Beach Santorini

Our last beach tip leads us to Kamari Beach in the east of the island. The beach of Kamari can probably be assigned to the classic dream beaches: A kilometre-long, fine pebble beach, turquoise blue water and numerous sunbathing facilities to simply relax. Until a few years ago, the area around Kamari was hardly visited. Today, the area is one of the most popular ones on the island and the offer of entertainment, bars, restaurants and hotels is accordingly high. Kamari Beach thus creates ideal conditions for a beautiful and varied beach holiday on Santorini.

Kamari Beach Santorini

Which 3 Places Do You Need to See in Santorini?

The Coastal Village of Oia

The Coastal Village of Oia

With a population of almost 700 inhabitants, Oia is not really big, but one of the most beautiful and popular villages in the north of Santorini. The coastal village was already favoured by artists hundreds of years ago and now attracts many tourists. Whoever has been to Oia once, knows why. The narrow alleys, the wide view of the sea, the white, shining houses and the typical Greek flair make the village simply unique. Especially in the evening, Oia is a real feast for the eyes. The warm lights as well as the homely atmosphere make your holiday a real highlight. With a little more budget you can rent fantastic accommodations with a terrace and direct view to the sea. Absolutely recommendable!

The Cliff Village Imerovigli

For those who like it a little more quiet, we recommend the cliff village Imerovigli in the northwest of the island. In contrast to Oia, you will meet far fewer tourists here and can understand the Greek charm even better because of its nativeness. Here you can also expect a fabulous view of the sea and the surrounding cliffs. Imerovigli is a bit steeper than Oia and is also a bit higher. Generally you will find the highest point of the caldera here and the village is also the ideal starting point for a hiking tour to Skaros Rock.

The Island's Capital Fira

Not far from Imerovigli you will find the island's capital Fira in the west of the island. This is another place you should not miss during your holiday. A car-free town with picturesque alleys, urban flair and an excellent view of the harbour awaits you here. Fira is also the perfect starting point for exploring other islands in the Aegean Sea. At the harbour you will find numerous providers and you can easily and quickly sail to other islands. In contrast to Oia and Imerovigli, the capital is a little flatter, but in the other two towns you will find lower prices and a little more authenticity. Nevertheless, you should add the city to your bucket list at least for a day trip.

The Island's Capital Fira

What Should Not Be Missed on Santorini?

The Sunsets on Santorini

One thing is certain: if you miss the sunsets on Santorini, you have not really experienced Santorini. Especially the mentioned places Oia, Imerovigli and Fira create ideal conditions for an unforgettable and romantic sunset. Find a nice place on the wall in the narrow alleys, put your mobile phone aside and just enjoy the fantastic view of the sunset and the sea. Even numerous experts are convinced that in the coastal village of Oia you can experience the most atmospheric and beautiful sunsets in the world. So what are you waiting for?

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