Holidays in Cyprus:
Our Best Tips & Highlights

Holidays in Cyprus: Our Best Tips & Highlights | Editor: Florian Lieke

Whether it's a beach holiday or an active holiday: discover the diversity of Cyprus with us! We reveal our best tips for a holiday in Cyprus.

View of narrow alley in Cyprus

For whom is a trip to Cyprus suitable?

The nice thing about Cyprus is that it offers pretty much any summer- and sun-related pleasure you could wish for in a vacation. First off, there are the beaches: beautiful, long, sandy, and near-innumerable. Then you have the summer parties - and in this respect, places like Ayia Napa enjoy a fantastic reputation the whole world over. Golfers will find first-rate links here. Those who are looking for a wonderful hotel will also be more than pleased - above all by the hotels and resorts of the Thanos Group, such as the Almyra in Paphos or the Anassa at the island's western end.

And then there's Nicosia, the capital city, a low-key and extremely interesting place that offers great shopping. What's more, its status as Europe's last divided city makes it politically and historically unique. And of course, one mustn't forget that the island is rightly considered one of the cradles of civilisation. Notable excavations that make this history visible to us today can be found all over.

When Is the Best Time to Travel to Cyprus?

Sun, sun, sun: on average, the sun shines more than 9 hours a day in Cyprus and the average annual temperature is around 26 degrees. Therefore, the island can confidently be considered a true paradise for all sun worshippers and is accordingly worth a trip all year round. Be prepared for dryness and warmth, especially in the summer months, as it hardly rains at this time. The sea, however, reaches a pleasant temperature and you can cool off between all the sun. In the summer months, a sunny holiday with little rainfall is guaranteed.

View of rocks and sea in Cyprus

However, the island is also worth visiting during the off-season, especially in autumn and spring. In contrast to many other European destinations, it is already (or still) pleasantly warm in Cyprus and you can enjoy and discover the island in peace. Active holidaymakers and those interested in culture are particularly well-off during the low season due to the more tolerable temperatures.

View over Paphos from above

What Is the Best Way of Getting Around Cyprus?

Paphos is one good place from which to start exploring Cyprus. This city near the island's western end was a European Capital of Culture just a few years ago. It consists of the low-lying Kato Paphos, located directly by the sea with hotels, beaches, restaurants, caf├ęs, and lots of souvenir shops selling row upon row of Aphrodite statues, and above it Pano Paphos, which is perched high upon a hill and contains the old town, the market, the former Turkish quarter, and lots of kafenios and tavernas where the locals come together.


The region around Paphos contains some of Cyprus's best beaches. And this stretch of coast is so beautiful that the Ancient Greek myths about the birth of Aphrodite, goddess of love and beauty, are set right here: Aphrodite's Rock, the place where she's said to have emerged from the sea, now numbers among the island's most visited sites.

What Is the Best Way to Spend an Active Holiday in Cyprus?

From Paphos, it's also not far to the Troodos Mountains, where one can hike and go cycling or mountain biking, visit vineyards and discover fantastic little restaurants; it's also a short trip to the peninsula called Akamas, a largely untouched protected landscape that offers several beaches that are gorgeous and quite rustic. Active holidaymakers and nature lovers will certainly get their money's worth here and can also switch off and simply relax after a sporty day.

View of Troodos Mountains
View of Archaeological Park

What can art enthusiasts and culture lovers look forward to in Cyprus?

The arts and culture appear above all in the form of archaeological excavations, two of which absolutely shouldn't be missed. The first is the Paphos Archaeological Park, a large area in the centre of town with Roman villas including the House of Dionysus, the House of Aion, and the House of Theseus. All three feature well-preserved and elaborate mosaics and have made it onto the UNESCO World Heritage List. A further highly significant excavation site lies east of Paphos on the road to Limassol: Kourion, called Curium by the ancient Romans, is home to a large amphitheatre from the second century A.D.


The Kourion hosted not only dramas but also gladiator games. One can also see an ancient stadium, villas and a church - as well as several images of Aphrodite at Kourion's archaeological museum. Definitely worth seeing!

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Cyprus truly does have something for everyone. This island is popular not just among those who want to spend a few relaxing days in the sun on a beautiful beach, but also with hikers, gourmets, and the culturally inclined. So, how about a holiday that meets your taste? If you have a little more time, you should also put Larnaca on your list. We reveal the most beautiful highlights of the fourth largest city on the island in this article. Your flights to Cyprus can be booked right here:

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