Holidays on the Greek Island of Kos

Holidays on the Greek Island of Kos | Editor: Florian Lieke

Beach holiday, family holiday or active holiday? A holiday on Kos offers something for everyone! We show you the diversity of the island.

Kitesurfer on Kos

Who Is the Greek Island of Kos Suitable For?

The Greek island of Kos has a lot to offer. The island is well known for its numerous beautiful sandy beaches and is therefore a popular destination for sun worshippers and beach holidaymakers. The island is also quite suitable for families with children, as there are many shallow beaches and plenty of action and entertainment. Due to the so-called etesians, strong and dry north winds which are blowing from April to October, the Greek destination is also an excellent choice for fans of kitesurfing and other sports. Last but not least, Kos is also an ideal starting point to visit the many individual, small and less touristy neighbouring islands.

When Is the Best Time to Travel to Kos?

Kos is located in the eastern Aegean Sea and has a Mediterranean climate. Even in winter, temperatures of around 15 degrees Celsius can be expected on the island, but there are few possibilities for flights and accommodations. Those who prefer blooming nature, temperatures around 25 degrees Celsius and little tourism are best off in spring and the beginning of the season. But most of the times, the sea is still too cold for taking a bath and does not warm up until the summer months June, July and August. At this time of the year, the water temperature exceeds 20 degrees Celsius and the air temperature can rise up to 40 degrees Celsius. However, the etesians always provide a little cooling off. In September and October it gets more quiet on Kos and even the water is still warm enough to take a bath.

Port of Kos
Paradise Beach Kos

Which Are the Most Beautiful Beaches on Kos?

Paradise Beach Kos

The Paradise Beach in the south of the island is one of the most famous, but not less exciting beaches on Kos. The beach fulfils everything you can imagine when thinking of a dream beach: A picturesque bay, fine sand and turquoise water. On top of that, you can experience something special here. Due to the fact that there are volcanic gases on Paradise Beach, you can always see small bubbles rising from the water. In any case, Kos-holiday makers should not miss this spectacle!

Mastichari Beach Kos

In the north of the island you will find our next beach tip, which satisfies the needs of almost every holiday maker. From sports to holidays with children and absolute tranquillity, the more than two kilometres long Mastichari Beach has a lot to offer. While one can rather expect a hustle and bustle and numerous offers for water sports at the harbour, it gets more and more peaceful towards the southwest. The white sand, the wonderful dune landscape as also the spaciousness of the beach are the icing on the cake at Mastichari Beach.

Psaldi Beach Kos

The Psaldi Beach in the north of the island also impresses with its variety and the numerous offers. The beach is not far from the island's capital of Kos Town and has got several sections, some of which could not be more different. As one find pebble beach at some parts of the bay, a few metres further on, one finds some heaped up, light and fine sand. Thus, those who cannot decide straight away should make use of the flexibility at Psaldi Beach. There is also no lack of restaurants, bars and cafés and surely nobody gets bored here. Those who are looking for absolute tranquility will find their luck in a few small coves. Otherwise we recommend our next beach tip.

Psaldi Beach Kos

Kavo Paradiso Beach Kos

As the name already indicates, a paradisiacal beach with fine sand, crystal clear water and an undeveloped panorama awaits you at Kavo Paradiso Beach in the southwest of Kos. For many people, the Kavo Paradiso is clearly the most beautiful of all beaches on the island. Even if the access is a bit steep, in the end it is worth the effort. During the season, this beach section is rarely crowded and does not just spread glamour but also a lot of quietness.

Kos Town

Which Are the 3 Most Beautiful Places on Kos?

The Island's Capital of Kos Town

At first glance, the capital of Kos appears mostly barren and unspectacular. But at the second view and by getting closer to the city, one will notice that the capital of the island has a lot to offer. The blue-white alleys in the city centre, the shopping mile of Apellou and Ifestou, the beautiful harbour, the popular market hall, the ancient agora or the cultural excavation site Odeon - in Kos town you can truly discover and experience a lot!

The Mountain Village of Zia

The scenic mountain village of Zia lies in the middle of nature and towers high above the sea. Zia is the highest village on Kos and also a good starting point to climb the Dikeos, the highest mountain of Kos. The best view over the sea and the surroundings is from the church Kimisis tis Theotokou. The church is therefore not only a landmark of the village, but also a popular vantage point for a romantic sunset. However, the small and picturesque alleys are also more than just worth seeing.

The Paleo Pyli Fortress

You also have a fantastic view over the island and the sea from our last highlight. The castle ruin Paleo Pyli is located above the village Pyli and can only be reached by foot. Today, there is not much left of the fortress. But once you reach the top, you will soon realize why this place was used as a defence against pirates. The 360-degree view provides a lot of astonishment and a clear overview. The evening hours are particularly atmospheric. On your way back, you should definitely make a stop at the Oria tavern. The view from the terrace is simply magnificent and you can spot the opposite ruin and valley. Having a dinner oder drink at Oria tavern is particularly cosy and atmospheric.

Paleo Pyli fortress
Volcanic island Nisyros

Which Neighbouring Islands of Kos Are Worth Seeing?

Even if Kos already has got a lot to offer, the island is surrounded by numerous tiny islands that promise plenty of tranquility and little tourism. An absolute highlight is the neighbouring island of Nisyros. The small volcanic island impresses with an outstanding and magnificent volcanic crater and can be explored by scooter. The neighbouring islands of Psérimos and Kálymnos are also worth a trip. While Psérimos shines with marvellous sandy beaches, a lot of idyll and calmness, the fishing island of Kálymnos captivates with fresh seafood, but also with numerous sport offers such as diving or climbing. All three islands can be reached by ferry in about one hour.

Flights to Kos With Austrian Airlines

Whether you are looking for a beach holiday, a family holiday or an active holiday - Kos offers something for everyone. Austrian Airlines offers direct flights from Vienna to the island in the eastern Aegean Sea. It is best to book your flight right here:

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