I dream of Copenhagen...

Copenhagen is a Paradise for design lovers and cyclists. myAustrian fan Nicola explains why she loves the Danish capital by letting us in on some of her favourite phrases and places that she saw there.

Nyhavn Kopenhagen

Hej Kopenhagen! Between boats and bicycles in Nyhavn.

When I first came to Copenhagen, it was truly love at first sight – even if I was there in March, and I’m definitely not one for the winter and cold. The friendliness of the people and warm, relaxed atmosphere certainly made up for the decidedly wintry conditions.



‘Ankomst’ is my first favourite Danish word; it means ‘arrival’. And you’ll find arrival an unusually pleasant experience here. After touching down at the airport, it’s just a few steps to the underground, there’s no queuing or crowds, and  other passengers seem to have a telepathic feeling for when you need to get out, and step aside accordingly. From the airport to the city centre, it’s under a quarter of an hour.

Kopenhagen Militär

Stroget: shopping and sightseeing in one

Once in the city, we bump into a kind of military parade on the shopping street Stroget , which lends a bit of colour to all those tourists shopping away. We duck off into a bookshop, where we discover a phrase that I would love (but never actually dare) to comply with:

Kopenhagen embrace the danes

Embrace the Danes!

Embrace the Danes

Wherever we look and go, the locals are friendly, forthcoming and always eager to help. This may have something to do with my next favourite word:

‘Hyggelig’ is a kind of cosiness, a feeling of security and intimate togetherness. ‘Huggability’, you might say! We come across this highly likeable attitude towards life wherever we go in Copenhagen, on the streets, in the cafés with their Danish pastries – like the Laundromat Café in Frederiksberg – and even in super-cool jazz clubs like La Fontaine . This is the oldest jazz club in the city, but at the regular Sunday jam (which is amazing, by the way)  the average age of the visitors is somewhere in the mid-twenties.

Because it’s so cold, we decide to do part of our sightseeing tour by hop-on-hop-off bus. This takes curious tourists to districts of the city including Freetown Christiania , as well as all the best-loved attractions such as the Little Mermaid . I feel for her, being so exposed to all those tourists taking snaps of her in the all-together!

Kopenhagen die kleine Meerjungfrau

The Little Mermaid

Another lovely word that makes a huge impression on me during my time here is ‘ kongelig ’, which you see numerous buildings and posters throughout the city. This is my next favourite word.

Denmark is a parliamentary monarchy, which is why so many institutions use the term ‚kongelig’, or ‘royal’ in their name . Det Kongelige Bibliotek (The Royal Library), Det Kongelige Teater (The Royal Theatre) and Den Kongelige Opera (The Royal Opera) are just a few examples. The last of these is on the island of Holmen, and definitely must-visit for anyone with a love of architecture, culture – and breathtakingly beautiful sea views.

Kopenhagen Oper

The Royal Opera

Heaven on Earth for aesthetes

There are beautiful chairs wherever you go in Copenhagen, even in snack bars. Many of these offer high-quality, healthy meals and are a great insider tip for anyone travelling on a limited budget. Even if you do save some money by eating at the snack bars, though, it’s easy to spend the difference on cocktails!  One of these I would definitely recommend is the cocktail bar Ruby on Nybrogade . If you want to avoid the queues, just go in the early evening.

Kopenhagen Museum

Clear lines and an organic combination of old and new: the Statens Museum for Kunst, or State Museum of Art

Nicola would have loved to spend more time in Copenhagen… how about you? Are you fans of Copenhagen too? And if so, what are your insider tips? We’d love you to share them with us in a Comment!

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