Insider Tips for Your Holidays in Austria

Insider Tips for Your Holidays in Austria | Editor: Florian Lieke

They see a lot of the world, but always remain connected to their homeland: our crew. You can read their insider tips for Austria right here.

Where did you grow up and why is it particularly lovely there?
Flight attendant Nikola in Tyrol

Picturesque Tyrol

Nikola: My homeland Tyrol is known for its picturesque landscape with high mountains that invite you to go hiking and skiing. Especially winter sportsmen will find their heart's desire here! In addition to nature, Tyrol is also known for its numerous historical sites and customs. Traditions such as carnival races at the end of winter, Easter customs, mountain fires at the solstice, magnificent alpine pasture cattle drives and atmospheric Christmas markets in December form a cultural circle throughout the whole year. This colourful diversity makes my home Tyrol one of the most beautiful places in the world. If you want to learn more about Tyrol or plan a weekend there, I recommend the following tips.

Carinthia - Land of Lakes

Patrick: I grew up just outside Klagenfurt in the village of Kleinbuch. I like being there a lot because you are surrounded by forests and can enjoy the peace and silence. I particularly like the view from my room. When I open the shutters in the morning and look outside, I can see pure nature all the way to the Gerlitzen, a mountain where Carinthians love to ski. In summer I like to spend the day at one of the numerous lakes in Carinthia. My favourite one: The Lake Wörth ("Wörthersee"). The water is nice and warm, clean and the atmosphere is unique. Would you like to find out more? Click here for some tips for a perfect weekend in Klagenfurt.

View of sailing ship in Carinthia
What is Austria’s best culinary delicacy for you, and where do you eat it?
Typical Austrian roast pork with bread dumplings

Kaiserschmarren and Roast Pork from Austria

Nikola: I'm thrilled about the Kaiserschmarren at Berggasthof Hagstein in Kitzbühel - that's where it tastes best!

Alexandra: The Heurigen area near Stammersdorf attracts me again and again. I love being at the excellent Heurigen Helmut Krenek. This is the place where tradition meets modernity! My favourite dish is the roast pork. And during autumn you can also enjoy organic grazing geese from the province of Burgenland, which are usually served with cabbage and dumplings.

Original Viennese Schnitzel, Stelze and Buchteln

Valentin: I totally recommend the Wiener Schnitzel of the Landgasthaus zur Mina Tant in Schranawand, at the Huth Gasthaus or the Gasthaus Pöschl. A Stelze (knuckle of pork) at the Schweizerhaus in the Vienna Prater is also a very special delicacy and extremely popular - not just among the Viennese. If you prefer sweets, one of the old Viennese coffee houses is certainly the best place to go. Café Landtmann, for example, or, if you want to try something really typical, try the legendary Buchteln (yeast dumplings) of Café Hawelka. Café Central or Café Diglas are also among my absolute favourites!

Table set with Austrian dishes
What’s your favourite destination for a day-trip in Austria?
Flight attendant Natascha

A trip to the Wachau Valley

Natascha: Definitely the Wachau Valley! Especially spring is the best time to visit the region. During the day it's already quite warm, the apricot trees are blooming and the vines are starting to sprout. The stone terraces offer not only a great view on the Danube but also lush treasures such as the elegant wine of old vines on primary rock soils, the delicious apricots or fine saffron. If you like history, old ruins and lots of nature, the Wachau Valley is just right for you. A typical Spritzer at one of the many Heurigen is finally the best way to round off the evening. The Wachau can be reached within less than an hour from Vienna - simply perfect for a day trip. More information about the Wachau Valley can be found here.

Lake Wörthersee near Klagenfurt

Patrick: For me it is quite clear and as described above: Lake Wörthersee. In summer I like to stroll around with my favourite people and enjoy ice cream. The turquoise water always reminds me a bit of the Caribbean Sea! If you would like to see the Wörthersee from above, you should visit the observation tower Pyramidenkogel - from this point you have the best view over the lake and neighbouring villages like Velden, Pörtschach or Klagenfurt. A dream come true! For those who like sports, I recommend a bike tour around the Wörthersee. On this tour you will get to know the area around the lake perfectly and can always stop for a bite to eat and enjoy the lake view.

View of Lake Wörthersee near Klagenfurt
What's your favourite spot in Vienna?
View of Museumsquartier in Vienna

Naschmarkt and MuseumsQuartier in Vienna

Aimen: My favourite places in Vienna are the Vienna Naschmarkt and the MuseumsQuartier. Especially on warm days I like to get some sun and enjoy a good coffee with my friends.

Ulrichplatz in Vienna

Alexandra: The picturesque Ulrichplatz with its cosy pubs and creative shops is quite often on my agenda, just to let my soul dangle. The best thing is to enjoy a coffee at café Erich and then have a look at Steffi and Toni from the avant-garde boutique eigensinnig to get inspired.

Coffee house and the Danube Canal in Vienna

Natascha: In Vienna I feel particularly comfortable in the typical Viennese coffee houses. This is where I can come to rest, read, linger - without being asked by the waiters to pay. In Vienna, coffee and coffee house nostalgia is currently booming again and I order my espresso from "Herr Ober" in a relaxed manner.

Valentin: It is almost inevitable not to have a favourite place in Vienna! In summer it is undisputedly the Danube Canal. To enjoy a cool drink there on a warm evening can be very relaxing. I also enjoy watching the hustle and bustle - that makes the Danube Canal even more interesting. And when Christmas approaches, I like to warm up with a punch or mulled wine in the MuseumsQuartier or at the Christkindlmarkt at Spittelberg.

Do you have a favourite word or phrase that is typically Austrian?

Typical Austrian words and phrases

Natascha: "Nur ned hudln!" (There's no hurry.)

Aimen and Alexandra: "Schau ma mal!" (We'll see.)

Patrick: "lai". (Just - "Loss lai lafen!" - "Just let it go!")

Nikola: "Ghupft wie ghatscht!" (Whatever.)

Valentin: "Das geht sich auch" (It'll be alright.)

Hiker in the Austrian Alps

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