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Insider Tips for Hamburg | Editor: Florian Lieke

Are you looking for real travel tips for Hamburg? Flight attendant Verena reveals her insider tips for her home town Hamburg.

View across Hamburg

When Is the Best Time to Travel to Hamburg?

Moin moin, from beautiful Hamburg! The best time to travel to Hamburg? Quite difficult to say! In general, the weather in Hamburg is quite variable throughout the whole year. But every season has its charms. Nevertheless, my favourites are spring and summer. Even if it rains from time to time in Hamburg, you can expect pleasant, slightly summery temperatures in June, July and August. The nights, however, remain cool and provide the right acclimatisation after a long city trip. The citizens of Hamburg also love their summer and you can mainly find them on the beautiful Elbe river beach during this time of the year.

What Are the Must-Sees in Hamburg?

Hamburg Elbphilharmonie

Not a real insider tip at first, but still absolutely worth seeing and should not be missing on any trip to Hamburg: the Elbphilharmonie ("Elbe Philharmonic Hall"). The concert hall is not only known for its delayed completion, but also and especially for its extraordinary façade. The glass façade is reminiscent of sails, water waves or icebergs and allows the concert hall to merge with the water directly on the banks of the Elbe.

Hamburg Elbe Philharmonic Hall

If you are interested in a concert, you should check the event schedule in advance and book early. However, the visitor platform with a direct view of the Hamburg harbour is also more than worth seeing!

Hamburg warehouse district

Hamburg Speicherstadt

A real must during a visit to Hamburg is a detour to the famous Speicherstadt ("warehouse district"). There is no other place in Hamburg where one can feel the Hamburg atmosphere as well as in the warehouse district. The world cultural heritage with its red bricks offers countless motives for instagramable photos. The best way to enjoy the unique atmosphere is to get around by foot or by bike. If you are looking for leisure activities in the Speicherstadt, you will also find them. From the Miniatur Wunderland ("miniature wonderland") to the Speicherstadt Museum, there is a lot to see and do here - including my next must-see!

Hamburg Dungeon

You want to get to know the history of Hamburg with lots of adrenalin, excitement and show? Then off to the Hamburg Dungeon! From the big fire in Hamburg to the Gängeviertel and Klaus Störtebeker, the Hamburg Dungeon has a lot to offer. The scary journey through the past of Hamburg lasts about 90 minutes and is accompanied by live shows, many frightening moments and true stories. But beware - nothing for the faint-hearted!

Hamburg Michel

If you like to explore cities from above, just as I do, you should not miss the Hamburg Michel ("St. Michaelis Church"). Although the church now faces strong competition from the Elbe Philharmonic Hall, for many people the Hamburger Michel is and will remain Hamburg's landmark and is iconic for the cityscape. At more than 130 metres, the Michel towers above most of the buildings in the city centre and you have a fantastic view of both the harbour and the city. For all night owls, a night visit to the Michel is also a must-do. But the nocturnal tours are very popular and should be booked well in advance.

Hamburg Michel

Hamburg Harbour Tour

And finally, of course, what should not be missing? Exactly, the harbour tour! If you have not explored Hamburg at least once from the water, you have definitely missed something. Offers for harbour tours are of course a dime a dozen in Hamburg. My recommendation for those who also like it a bit more unusual: Frau Hedi ("Mrs. Hedi"). Accompanied by good music and drinks, you sail along the port of Hamburg in an old barge and let the city pass by. The sunsets are particularly atmospheric, paired with a cool Alsterwasser ("lemon shandy") in your hand. Ahoi!

Hamburg Franzbrötchen

What Shall One Eat in Hamburg?

Franzbrötchen are a must on every city trip to Hamburg. Made of puff pastry, the roll is filled with cinnamon and sugar and tastes simply heavenly. Many people might be thinking: isn't this just a cinnamon bun? Yes, indeed! But once you order a Franzbrötchen for breakfast in Hamburg, it simply tastes completely different. Another thing that should not be missing when visiting Hamburg is the famous fish roll. Thereby, I recommend you to simply visit the fish market of Altona in the evening, enjoy a fish roll and let the day end with some live music.

Where Do You Celebrate Best in Hamburg?

It is well known that it is easy to go partying in Hamburg. However, people often ask themselves the question: "Schanze" or "Reeperbahn"? I would say: both! Those who prefer a more iconic location should definitely make a detour to the trendy district of Schanze. Here, numerous boutiques and nice bars are lined up. On the other hand, there is a more international audience and party atmosphere on the Reeperbahn. And, as we all know, a little party never killed nobody!

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