Insider Tips Rome

Insider Tips Rome | Editor: Florian Lieke

Rome is diverse. Rome is unique. Rome is magical. Designer Sylvio Giardina reveals exclusive insider tips for a city trip to Rome.

View from the Spanish Steps in Rome

Tips for First-Time Visitors in Rome

Rome is quite big, so stay close to the centre. Take a bus tour to get a feel for the distances involved. And buy your museum tickets ahead of time, because queues tend to be very long.

Recommended Museums in Rome

The Galleria Borghese is one of Italy's most fascinating museums. Its old 17th-century palace provides an ideal setting for the museum's famous masterpieces including Canova's sculpture "Pauline Bonaparte as Venus Victrix" and Bernini's "David", as well as works by Caravaggio, Raphael, and Titian.

And then there's the Vatican Museum. It's a giant complex of galleries with several of the most important Italian artworks ranging from paintings to sculptures and on to tapestries and objects from classical antiquity. I discover something new every time I'm there.

The Most Interesting Sights in Rome

Rome's imperial forums and the Colosseum – at sunset! The most recent renovations included the addition of new routes that connect several of the Fori Imperiali. And as for the Colosseum: day-tickets include admission to certain levels, but only the evening tours take you into the amphitheatre's underground area. And Rome by night is one of the best things anyone can experience!

Must-Do in Rome

Eating ice cream at Cannolo Siciliano, near the old Trajan's Market complex: they've got the best gelato in Rome.

View of the Colosseum
View of a random pizzeria in Rome

Best Espresso in Rome

You'll find that at the Antico Caffè Greco, a historic café from 1760 that was a favourite of cultural figures including Charles Dickens and Audrey Hepburn. The building itself is a piece of cultural heritage, with lots of artworks, photos, and objects that bear witness to its long history.

Best Italian Dinner in Rome

Spazio Niko Romito in Parioli, a fantastic spot with great food and nice people. It's also a great choice for anyone who's in Rome for the first time.

Best Hotel in Rome

Check out Palazzo Dama, a wonderful historic villa on the banks of the Tiber right near Piazza del Popolo. It's the former home of numerous aristocrats, and it was redone as a hotel by the well-known Italian architect Antonio Girardi.

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