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Insider Tips Sofia | Editor: Florian Lieke

Are you planning a trip to Sofia? Writer Margarita Spasova shares her best insider tips and recommendations for the Bulgarian capital with us.


Help whet our appetite for a trip to Sofia!

Sofia is a patchwork of Thracian and Eastern influences, of socialist realism and postmodern charm.

Historic sites and street art: Your Sofia must-sees?

Not long ago, the remains of the old Roman forum, villas, public buildings and footways were given a detailed restoration: it's all more or less an open-air museum, so pick up a city map and explore! Starting from Nedelja Square, stroll through the subterranean passage between the Presidential Building and the Council of Ministers, being sure to take a look at the Church of St. George (also called the Rotunda) and the Church of St. Petka of the Saddlers. And if street art interests you, pay attention to the electrical utility boxes and the buildings on Bacho Kiro and Ekzarh Yosif Streets.

View of the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Sofia

There are lots of tours on offer, here: Which ones are good?

I'd recommend doing a tour with "Historical Routes", which is run by a guy who's devoted his life to his passion for urban architecture. He'll show you the buildings of the Secession movement and provide you with insights about their dramatic fates.

View of the Russian Church in Sofia

Where's Sofia at its liveliest?

Most visitors end up hanging out on Vitosha Boulevard. But if an authentic feel for the city is what you're after, head over to Tsar Shishman Street between Sveti Sedmochislenitsi Church and the "horsetail" monument at Tsar Osvoboditel Boulevard. The highlights here include handicrafts and good cocktails, as well as delicious food at the wonderful Lavanda.

What are good places to eat?

Rakia Raketa Bar and Fabrika Daga are two fantastic and affordable bistros with a socialist touch and Bulgarian snacks.

How about somewhere good to relax?

Right near the city centre is Borisova Gradina Park, which is the largest park in Sofia. And in the evening, you can relax and listen to jazz bands playing out by the fountain in front of the Ivan Vazov National Theatre.

Right behind Sofia is the Vitosha massif: What's an especially beautiful spot to visit?

Take a taxi out there and get a look at the Golden Bridges, a stone river covered in golden moss and sand. Then follow the marked route to Aleko Chalet and take the gondola back to the city's Simeonovo neighbourhood.

View of Sofia and the Vitosha Mountains

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