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Are you planning a trip to Cancún? Our flight attendant Ines tells us her best insider tips for the Mexican dream city on the Yucatán Peninsula on the Caribbean Sea.


Hello my name is Ines and I am a flight attendant at Austrian Airlines. I love to travel and discover new things. Since October 2021, our Austrian home carrier has been taking off for Cancún in sunny Mexico.

I'll tell you my absolute highlights and show you gorgeous sandy beaches, delicious food and breathtaking nature. If you've got the travel bug, then get on the plane - with Austrian three times a week directly to Cancún.

Enjoy reading and hopefully see you soon on board of Austrian Airlines. 😊

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Where to see the best sunset

I experienced the most beautiful sunrise and sunset on the beach in Tulum on the Riviera Maya. The sea and the sky are colored in pastel shades, it is really picturesque. There is simply nothing more beautiful than starting the day with the sound of the sea.

In the middle of January, the sun rises in Mexico City at 7:12 am. You can watch the sunset at this time at about 6:21 pm.

Where to find the most beautiful beaches

  • The beaches of Cancún's Zona Hotelera are great for swimming and enjoying views of the turquoise waters and hotel skyline.
  • Playa Norte on the north coast of Isla Mujeres is regularly named one of the most beautiful beaches in Mexico.
  • I was particularly impressed by the palm-fringed beaches of Tulum on the Riviera Maya. Snow-white sand and turquoise blue water directly invite you to relax. While lying on the beach, you can watch the pelicans flying their rounds and hunting fish.

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Which sights you must have visited

My Highlights

Chichén Itzá is one of the most important ruined sites of the Mayan period and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is best known for its unique, thoughtful architecture: twice a year at sunset, one side of the pyramid sinks into shadow, leaving only the stairs illuminated by the sun. This creates a reflection that looks like a snake.

Underwater Caves

A trip to one of the numerous cenotes around Cancún. These are part of a vast underground cave system. It is believed that many of them are interconnected.

Together with the crew, I visited the Gran Cenote during our stay. The turquoise water is crystal clear and illuminated by the natural light from outside. A perfect place for divers and snorkelers.

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Or you can take the ferry from Puerto Juárez to Isla Mujeres, the women's island. There are no cars on this small island; you move around on foot or by golf cart. May to September is the whale shark season. If you book one of the special boat trips during this time, you can watch whale sharks and even swim with them.

A Must See Spot

Dolphin Beach is probably the most photographed place in Cancún and a must-see for any visitor. From the selfie point El Mirador, where there is a huge installation with the inscription Cancún, you can take super photos. At Dolphin Beach you can also take long walks on the beach and enjoy the sun in countless restaurants.

Where is the best place to eat in Cancún

My personal tip in Cancun is the restaurant La Habichuela. It offers Caribbean and Yucatecan specialities, which you can enjoy in the pretty garden patio.

In Tulum, the selection of restaurants and bars is partly very exclusive. Especially chic was the ambience in the restaurant La Popular, which belongs to the Nomade Hotel. You sit directly on the beach and the food is prepared in an open kitchen.

Typical is Mole, a sauce made of chocolate and spices, which is mainly eaten with chicken. Also the famous tacos, filled corn cakes, or ceviche, a dish of raw fish with lemon are eaten with pleasure.


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There are around 300 different types of tequila in Mexico. It is usually served as an aperitif - without salt and lemon. The Mexican beer Corona is also drunk without lemon. The lemon was originally used to clean the neck of the bottle. If you squeezed it into the beer, you had the dirt in the drink.

Another typical drink is Tequila Bandera. You are then served a glass of tequila, one with lemon juice and one with spicy tomato juice, from which you drink alternately.

With Austrian Airlines to Cancún

Do you feel like escaping the cold and getting a breath of Caribbean air? Then book your next Austrian Airlines flight to Cancún right here.


PS: Want to learn more about Cancún? Then check out our blog and find more great tips for your Caribbean trip.

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