Jordan Travel Tips for a Round Trip

Jordan Travel Tips for a Round Trip | Editor: Florian Lieke

Jordan combines thousands of years of history and tradition with modernity. We reveal 7 highlights for your perfect round trip.


1. Jordan Highlight: The Capital Amman

Amman was originally constructed on seven hills, but today the Jordanian capital extends over more than 20 hills. The city is renowned for its excellent cuisine, modern art scene and memorials to ancient times.

Things not to miss out on doing while in Amman:

  • Check out the Citadel and the Temple of Hercules, and enjoy the unique view across Amman.
  • Go souvenir-hunting along Rainbow Street.
  • Feel as if you’ve been transported back in time at the Roman amphitheatre, and wonder at the acoustics.
View of Amman
View of Jerash

2. Jordan Highlight: The Historic Jewel of Jerash

The ancient town of Jerash (also known as ‘Jerasch’ or ‘Gerasa’) makes the perfect destination for a day-trip from Amman. Jerash had its heyday under Roman rule. Parts of the ruined city have been excavated and partially reconstructed, and it is now one of the best-preserved cities dating back to this period. Today, you can admire what were once bathhouses, fountains, temples, theatres and large squares, and even attend re-enactments of chariot races and gladiatorial fights.

3. Jordan Highlight: The Hot Springs of Ma’in

If you want to treat yourself to a bit of time out, relaxation and peace and quiet, make sure the thermal springs at Ma’in are on your list. Ma’in is located between the town of Madaba and the Dead Sea, 120 metres below sea level. You’ll find over 100 cold and hot springs here, as well as large numbers of waterfalls. Check in to one of the wellness hotels and let yourself be looked after, or spend a comfortable day just hanging out at the hot springs.

4. Jordan Highlight: The Red Sea in Aqaba

No tour of Jordan would be complete, of course, without a stopover at the Red Sea. Aqaba is a small coastal town, and as popular with locals as it is with tourists. It’s certainly a place where keen swimmers will feel at home; this part of the Red Sea is particularly popular with divers and snorkelers, and its colourful reefs and shimmering fish give you the impression of being in a gigantic aquarium.

View of the Red Sea in Aqaba
Camel in the desert of Wadi Rum

5. Jordan Highlight: The Desert of Wadi Rum

You should definitely be sure not to miss out on the red desert landscape of Wadi Rum. This part of Jordan is perfect for organising a half-day trip or day trip from Petra or Aqaba. If you want to stay longer in the desert, you can spend the night at one of the luxurious desert camps. Thanks to the low level of light pollution, the night sky in these parts simply has to be seen to be believed. By day, you can go on hikes and climbing tours in the desert, as well as trotting through the extra-terrestrial landscapes on camels. Trips by hot-air balloon are another of our favourite activities in Wadi Rum.

6. Jordan Highlight: The Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is 428 metres below sea-level – that’s the lowest point on Earth. The salt content in its waters is approximately ten times as high as in the oceans (that’s also why you float on the surface). At some points in the Dead Sea, you’ll find dark, healing mud which is incredibly good for the skin – and is also a constant source of jokey photos.

7. Jordan Highlight: The Rock City of Petra

The legendary rock city of Petra is a unique cultural monument; simply put, if you’re taking a trip to Jordan, that trip has to include Petra somewhere along the way. The city lies in a valley basin, and its numerous buildings, temples and graves have been carved directly into the reddish sandstone walls. Petra is also one of the seven wonders of the modern world, by the way. Be sure to plan in sufficient time for your visit to Petra, as the site is very large. You can get a good overall impression of it in a day – and definitely won’t be disappointed if you stay a bit longer.

Woman in Petra
View of desert in Jordan

Insider Tip for Your Jordan Round Trip: Jordan Pass

For a round trip, we recommend you buy the Jordan Pass online before leaving. There are various different versions of the Jordan Pass; the simplest of these options will set you back US$ 99. This includes not just visa charges, but also the entrance fees to most of the tourist attractions in Jordan.

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