Life Ball 2018 with Austrian Airlines

Life Ball 2018 With Austrian Airlines

As a partner of Life Ball 2018, Austrian Airlines celebrates diversity and life. Here is a look behind the scenes of the HIV charity event.

Austrian Airlines crew in front of the town hall

© Juergen Hammerschmied

Together With Austrian Airlines at the Life Ball in Vienna

The Life Ball itself is much more than just a ball that takes place one evening a year at the Rathausplatz ("City Hall Square") in Vienna. For several years now we have been supporting the Life Ball not just on ball night, but also far beyond. As the interest of the charity event grew internationally, we found the perfect "Austrian way" to help as a Life Ball partner: We were able to accompany numerous prominent supporters in the fight against HIV and AIDS on a special Life Ball flight from New York City to Vienna. Our flight attendants are also very close to the event itself and play important roles. They will now take you to the beginning of the 2018 Life Ball journey. Enjoy!

Austrian Airlines Life Ball Opening in New York City

We start the Life Ball opening at the Stonewall Inn on Christopher Street. The Stonewall riot in 1969 is considered to be "the" historic event of the modern LGBT movement. Our invited guests celebrate life and get in the mood for the upcoming days before we head to the airport.

Life Ball Crew at Salzburg Airport

Heading to Austria With Austrian Airlines

Before take-off at JFK Airport, guests and crew celebrate at the gate and present their first costumes. Afterwards, the boarding of our Life Ball Aircraft takes off to Austria. On flight OS 1088 we welcome Caitlyn Jenner, Kelly Osbourne, Patti LaBelle and Gigi Gorgeous, just to name a few. Some passengers are already old friends, as some of us are part of the Life Ball crew for the 15th time. After a short stopover at Salzburg Airport, where the celebrity guests were welcomed with music from the famous film, fitting to the Life Ball 2018 theme "The Sound of Music", the flight continues to Vienna.

As the doors of our Boeing 767 open, the sun shines in our faces. Journalists and film crews are already waiting for our VIPs to get out and walk down the red carpet. The costumes and creativity certainly don't disappoint them. We accompany the guests across the gangway in front of the cameras, where they pose for photos and give interviews.

In the evening, there will be a welcome reception at the Hotel "Le Méridien" for those who want to celebrate even before the ball night!

Life Ball crew at Vienna Airport
Austrian Airlines crew on the red carpet of the Life Ball

© Alexander Loidl

The Austrian Airlines Crew Is Getting Ready for the Life Ball in Vienna

On the day of Life Ball, we already meet at noon in a hotel close to the city hall. We are already looking forward to the evening and ask ourselves the question who will escort whom across the Red Carpet. Before that, we are getting a professional make-up by one of our colleagues and our hair is also getting the final touch.

The final rehearsal in the late afternoon couldn't have been any better and more and more onlookers are gathering close to the event location.

The Sound of Music at the Life Ball in Vienna

And then it's time! Between the Burgtheater ("Castle Theater" or "Imperial Court Theater") and the Rathaus ("City Hall") we are standing in front of the Red Carpet's gate and wait for its opening - and of course for the first VIPs. When it comes to "The Sound of Music", costumes based on the successful musical and Austrian traditions are a must. Among the Red Carpet guests we discover some homages to Maria, the van Trapp children, Mozart, the Emperor and many other Austrian celebrities.

Life Ball Crew at the town hall square

© Bernhard Fritsch

Life Ball Crew on the red carpet

© Maximilian Röder

Austrian Airlines Live at the Life Ball in Vienna

Together with our colleagues, we close the Red Carpet hand in hand. The show starts - a brilliant interpretation of The Sound of Music! Conchita Wurst slips into the role of Maria. Of course with her special trademark: the beard. But this time in a blond version.

What a wonderful evening to celebrate life! Thank you for having us again!

You want to see more? Our video team has captured some impressions for you:

Experience the Diversity of Life With Austrian Airlines

You want to attend the next Life Ball up close and personal? You want to discover the beauty of Vienna? Or would you rather like to sip a cocktail at the Stonewall Inn on Christopher Street in New York City? Then let's go and book your next flight with Austrian Airlines:

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