Like Mother, Like Son

Like Mother, Like Son | Editor: Florian Lieke

The same passion, the same employer and the same environment. Mother Roswitha and son Tristan give us an insight.

Tristan and his mother in an Austrian Airlines cockpit

The dream of becoming a pilot

Today, Tristan is completing his pilot training at Austrian Airlines. His mother inspired him to make this career choice, as she also works for Austrian Airlines and enabled him to get his first glimpses into the cockpit at an early age. Since then, Tristan has had only one wish: to become a pilot of Austrian Airlines!

We met Roswitha and her son and talked about their situation at work.

Where can you two be found today at Austrian Airlines?


I am working at Station Accounting VIE. So I am the interface between ticket counter and accounting.


I've been a student pilot at AUA 3 since August 1st, 2017. In autumn I'll start flying on schedule.

Which aircraft will you be piloting?


That’s still unclear at this point. It looks like it's gonna be either Airbus or Embraer.

Did your mother's profession affect your choice of career?


Yes, definitely! As my mum works for Austrian Airlines, we are obviously travelling a lot. The first "meeting" was... how old was I then? Five? That was the first time I saw the inside of a cockpit. It was on my way to America and since then I wanted to become a pilot. In addition, I knew from my mother that the working atmosphere was also very good. So the decision was not difficult for me.


Another airline wouldn't have been an option either.

Austrian Airlines aircraft up in the air
Wouldn't your mom have let you do that?

Both are laughing.


Well, becoming a pilot was my primary goal. Of course Austrian Airlines was by far the first choice. I would have been pretty disappointed if it hadn't worked out.


Right. Tristan first studied medicine for three years, because at that time no pilots were selected. Then we made a deal: We finance the private pilot license, he finishes his studies in return. Shortly afterwards, pilots were selected again and he applied immediately - with success! Of course, medicine was history.

Did you have any concerns regarding working in the same company at the beginning?


No, not at all. If my mom was a pilot too, it would have been different. I would have had my doubts then.


Right. I was just a little shocked at the beginning when he told me that he was quitting medical school, but of course, I could understand his motives.

Is your professional life a big issue at home?


Of course. Since I have been abroad a lot over the last few years due to my education, we obviously talk about it when we are all together. Anyhow, there are a lot of things to talk about.

And the rest of the family, i.e. the "non-Austrian Airlines part", they don't get tired of these topics?
Grounded aircraft


My husband is a judge and Tristan's younger brother is also a lawyer. Therefore, we can't join in their legal debates, and they, in turn, can't join in our airline discussions.


We kind of have two teams in our family, the lawyers and the airliners. But fortunately we all like to travel a lot, so there are enough topics to discuss together.

Do you have any tips for other families who share the workplace?


If you talk a lot about the work, you also need to accept different opinions and points of view, because there can be discussions from time to time.

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