Linz is where it begins

We fly you to Austria’s most beautiful cities: Today, after Innsbruck , Graz and Klagenfurt, we take off to Linz, because Linz is where it all begins! The Capital of Culture 2009 has a lot to offer: There is for instance a very extraordinary hotel, Austria’s largest church and the world’s oldest cake recipe ….


Linz changes

Since 1973 the slogan “Linz is where it begins” ( “In Linz beginnt’s”) has been the official advertising motto for Austria’s third largest city . Over the years the city’s self-image gradually changed. Today, Linz presents itself with its new slogan “Linz changes”, which was introduced in 2009, when Linz was the European Capital of Culture . “Linz changes” stands for a promise of transformation, a promise that through having been a Capital of Culture, Linz will become a different Linz and in doing so inspire the people.

The balance speaks in its favour: During the culture capital year more than 2,8 million people the extensive cultural programmes of Linz09. A total of 5.000 artist from 66 nations were part of 220 projects . VSome of the programme elements were even continued beyond 2009. One of them is the so-called Pixel Hotel . The Pixel Hotel is quite extraordinary : The individual rooms and suites are spread all over the city area. There are rooms in old business premises, in backyard workshops or even on ships. Interesting yet unused rooms turned hotel rooms within this architectural project for Linz09 And: Breakfast is served in one of the 12 cafés and restaurants in the vicinity – That way you get to know the place! 😉 Fancy a tour of the Pixel Hotel? Click here for the 360° panorama views. (Sources: , )

Linz is big, too

© Domcenter Linz

Linz is home to Austria’s largest church , St. Mary’s Cathedral (Mariendom). The “New Cathedral” has space for 20,000 people, its tower being just a few metres smaller than St. Stephen’s in Vienna. Apart from St. Mary’s, the Landstraße is quite impressive in “size” as well: The Landstrasse is the main shopping mile in Linz and one of Austria’s largest shopping miles, second only to Vienna’s Mariahilfer Strasse. Here’s a shopping tip off Landstrasse from the local design duo March Gut . Fashion store “ Kleider machen Leute ” in Herrenstrasse 14 – cool and affordable. (Source: )

At the Museum of the Future things become ultra-modern: The Ars Electronica Center hosts exciting exhibitions all around future technologies. Art, technology and society interlink with biotechnology and genetic engineering, neurology, robotics, prosthetics and media art. One of the striking features of the building is its brightly shining facade: Six hours a day 40.000 LEDs (in red, green, blue and white) illuminate the front of the building.

And by the way: When in Linz one simply must savour a piece of the real “Linzer Torte”! This cake was first mentioned in documents in 1653 and is thus the oldest known cake recipe in the world….. Enjoy it! 😉 (Source: )

  • Gelbes Krokodil: Bar, restaurant; stomping ground of the local and international art scene; innovative cuisine
  • Walker-Bar: Known for its delicious burgers; breakfast until 3:00 PM
  • Bar|Schneiderei: Hair salon and café during the day, bar and club at night; on Thursdays the hair salon is open until 10 PM.
  • Lennox: Exclusive bar; known for its fancy cocktails; DJs on weekends

Linz awaits you! Visit the Austrian Capital of Culture 2009 and enjoy a piece of the original Linzer Torte. 😉 Click here for suitable flights.

Our journey through Austria continues – next time we’ll be visiting Vienna! Until then learn a bit more about Graz , Innsbruck and the loveliest bathtub in Austria: Klagenfurt am Wörthersee . 😉

Artikelbild: © LinzTourismus-Gerda Haunschmid

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